5 Great Keys to Being Safer and Avoiding an Accident

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    There's a rider here on the forum, retromike, that shared the story of his accident that nearly killed him. Aside from the well wishes towards Mike, I wanted to share 5 simple keys that might help everyone out there and hopefully keep someone from experiencing the tragedy that Mike endured.

    • Aim High - Know what's in your travel path 200 meters in front of you.
    • Get The Big Picture - Be situationally aware of eveything that's going on around you.
    • Keep your eyes moving - The riding/driving conditions can change in a split second.
    • Leave Yourself an Out - Don't put yourself in a position while riding, where you have no escape from danger.
    • Make sure they see you - Don't put yourself in a position where another driver can't see you with their eyes or mirrors.

    Easy to remember with a little word association game for the first letters of the keys. All Good Kids Like Milk. I can't take credit for the tips. They're the basic fundamentals of the Smith System drivers training program. I work for a multi-billion dollar company with a very large fleet of vehicles and we adopted this program several years ago. It works and has resulted in a dramatic decrease in personal and company driving related accidents. I hope someone finds this to be useful information.
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    The word association is called "mnemonics" an old childhood music training trick.I used to drive tractor trailers, truck drivers are the safest drivers on the road (for the most part).There are some people who should never be on two wheels, let alone two wheels powered by anything,... yet like drivers they're out there, and all the mnemonics won't stop them from pulling out in front of a semi loaded down with quarry rock.
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    5 Things...

    Good Brakes
    Really Good Brakes
    An intense LED strobe front light for daytime operation
    Stay off the sidewalk and turn your cell phone off!
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    And claim the lane, don't cower to the side! If you stay to the side then cars will attempt to pass you in your own lane
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    Keeping the eyes moving seems to help me most. The brain focuses on moving objects. Moving your eyes makes your brain sense motion and remain alert.
    Simply focusing on the vehicle in front of you is not all that effective for me.
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    Good tips.

    As grinningremlin alluded to, some folks will never 'get it'.

    But it's still good stuff to think about.