5 hp BS on an old beach comber bicycle

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    Hello, I am an overweight 52 yr old man who has an old beach comber bicycle or basic bicycle. I also have a 5 hp Briggs & Straton motor with a centrifical clutch from a go cart. What's going to go wrong when I combine the 2? Please just don't say alot. I kinda got that figured out after reading some of the posts on this site. Though I've not read any yet in regards to 5 hp motors. I figure there is a reason for that.

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    Hi Fergi, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    You probably won't read about using it on a bike, on a pusher trailer or a 3 wheeler it would work.
    It is big, won't fit in a frame very well. It needs a jackshaft to gear it down.

    Don't let me talk you out of it though. It may not be any wider than the HF 2.5 Greyhound that is being used (by me also).
    The five hp is way more than the 50cc limit many states have also. So that requierment would stop people from using the briggs engine. Don't know about your state requirements..
    I really like the idea of a 4 stroke engine though.
    How are you at fabrication?
    One other thing- you may not want to add the 50 pounds or so to that bike + your own wt. for saftey reasons. You might want a heavier built bike to begin with.