5 SPEED Retro-Fit Kit Ready! FOR:OCC SCHWINN STINGRAY taking orders...

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  1. Manic Hy-per

    Manic Hy-per Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Here it is on mock-up Works nicely... NO WELD 5 speed shifter... Stock chain - COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS included - easy retrofit...

    Move axle over 7/16 of an inch. add spacer... Remove freewheel / install 5 speed freewheel - attach shifter and deraillier system [fast / simple] add a few links and tensioner and VOILA' 5 speed!

    Aren't stingrays suppose to be 5 speeds!? DSC06804.jpg

    more photos - forthcoming... PEDALCHOPPER.COM

  2. Manic Hy-per

    Manic Hy-per Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Updated picture - final mock-up... It seems that the 5 speed will work [without chain rub] as long as you trim of about the last four inches of chainguard [see slide = PEDALCHOPPER.COM / 5 SPEED UPGRADE KIT] beginning tomorrow - WORKING ON FINAL LAYOUT TODAY
  3. wheelbender6

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    That's a great idear! Seriously, I like it. I have built a few stick shifters and it's tougher than it looks.
  4. Manic Hy-per

    Manic Hy-per Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Yes... I am engineering it as a KIT so that it can be easily insalled by others... Using STOCK single speed chain on multi speed system! I have it worked out will be sending out newsletter to make kits available beginning this week.