5 stars for the grubee nt carbuerator for 80/66 cc

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by anthony1973, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. anthony1973

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    While I was at work today.On lunch break I switched from my old stinger carb to the nt grubee carb upgrade with 3 mm larger gas port stem.I figured whoopie doo.Probably about the same.Boy!!!I was wrong.My speed picked up 5 mph at least and Going uphill on these virginia hills I had a lot more pull.I got this upgrade and a t shirt from pirate cycles and I give It 5 stars.Just one complaint.The air breather assembly Is fraggin pink.I got razed at work by my buds about that.Guess I'll paint It black being I don't feel very comfortable with pink airbox cover.Still,I must say It's the best $25 bucks you'll spend for some extra performance.And It even has a secondary shut off valve built In the carb.I am hard to convince about china stuff being good.But,I eat my words when It comes to this grubee nt carb I purchased.

  2. GearNut

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    Pink is faster! :grin5:
  3. anthony1973

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    I wonder what made the chinanananeze decide on pink?:thinking: A big 205 pound 6'4 tattooed head to toe dude like myself with a pink carb on a cruiser.I feel emasculated:blush5::heart:
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    Well, wouldn't the pink make you want to haul down the road faster so fewer people would get the chance to see you? :sweatdrop:You can't see much fine detail from a blur flying past you.

    I recommend outright replacement if you can, I do not see paint holding up very well to the gas fumes that the air cleaner cover gets exposed to.
    Is there enough room to let you fit one of the K&N looking air filters on to it?
  5. professor

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    Paint it. No problem.
    Always rough up any smooth surface you paint with fine sandpaper or steel wool or coarse scotchbrite so the paint will bite in better.
    Rustoleum enamel and gas are a no-no until the paint hardens up after a year or so.
    Go with a spray can.
  6. 210061741

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    My guess is the mainjet size is different than the stock carb you had and that's where the performance increase came from. The Speed carb did seem slightly better than the first grubee carb i got. But they are allmost identical. The slide and needle are the same.
    A carb with a larger bore is better. I love my dellorto.
  7. anthony1973

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    I plan on dellorto when I get an engine worht complimenting It.I find doing 39 mph good enough for a basic m.b. just to get to work and back.I must admit the chinese did at least make an Improvement with this one.Plenty good enough for my general needs.There are a few minor differences In these.Larger airbox,3 mm wider mainjet,And The cylinder slide Is a lil bit longer by a few centimeters.For 25 bucks I cannot complain or gripe.And seems like It holds better on the Intake than the older styles.