50:1 ratio for new Tanaka PF4000?


Jul 1, 2010
I have a new-condition Tanaka PF4000 40cc 2-stroke that I purchased new in 2016 for approx. $360. It was expensive but seemed a good purchase, due to its quality and its power-to-weight ratio. You can't find them new anywhere anymore. It's been sitting in its original packaging for 4 years now, never used. God willing, I plan to soon bolt it onto my Staton-inc 4.28-1 gear reduction box, which then bolts onto my Staton-inc axle mounted kit. However, I'm now wondering if I should start out with a 50:1 gas/oil ratio, which Tanaka recommended for its general usage, or should I instead start out with a 40:1 ratio, for example, or maybe a different ratio, during the break-in period? If so, what is the proper gas/oil ratio during break-in, and approx. how many miles is the break-in period? This ain't no cheap Chinese 2-stroke.