For Sale 500W Cyclone USA Kit WITH 24V LiFePo4 K2 Energy Battery and Charger

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    This is a BRAND NEW 500W mid-frame mount electric bicycle motor from CYCLONE-USA. I bought this motor along with the throttle, grips and wiring harness separately because I already had purchased the two piece crank with 44 tooth free wheeling sprocket and the other miscellaneous parts seen in the pictures from someone locally here in Vegas. I then purchased a brand new K2B24V10EB 24V 10Ah battery from K2 Energy and the approved K2 Energy charger designed and approved to charge this battery. The K2 Energy battery was only used to test the motor and design a project I was working on, as I needed the actual battery for dimensions and clearance throughout the design process . This battery is new and was never used or on any bike or vehicle before, it was only used to power up and display the final design concept. The Cyclone motor was also only used to design the same project and never used. The battery, wiring harnesses, motor, throttle and grips are NEW. The crank and motor mounts shown in the pics are used. I have no other parts for this kit. It is perfect, new and ready to install on your own bike or project. I will also sell the battery with charger separately if someone is interested. Please contact me with any questions or concerns at 702-FIVE25-ONE248. This exact kit from Cyclone USA is $495.00 and the battery with charger from K2 Energy is over $550.00...I'm asking $625.00 obo for everything! Give me a call if you're interested. Thanks.

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