50cc 2stroke engine constantly soaking plug

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    hi im connor, i recent bought a geared 50cc generic trigger sm50 that had been run out of 2stroke and siezed (what idiots) anyway ive fitted a brand new standard piston and barrel and gave the carb a good clean out but its only done 3700 miles only in dry weather so everythings pretty clean, i also fitted a new plug just to emlimate any potential problems, the carb was apparently working before it was siezed which i can belive because it is un-tampered with and all orginal, with the needle valve and float operating well with standard jets fitted and the mixture srew set at 1.5 turns which is recommended to make it run, anyway the problem, the exhaust i have sealed with heat rope as it was a little slack even with the springs on so its not pulling an incorrect fuel mixture through the exhaust, but everytime i try to start it with or without the choke it, heavily drips pure petrol out of the barrel and off the exhaust, i have tonight tired another carb with smaller jets and the same thing happened, so the orginial carb is back on and before i connected the tank up i decided to see if it soaked the plug without any fuel input from the carb, and everytime i fit the plug with 2 or 3 kicks later the plug is soaked and it is dripping out the barrel (at a much slower rate) but still soaking the plug, where is the fuel coming from? the reed valve on the inlet is working fine and it has plenty compression, very healthy spark but there is fuel lying somewhere in the engine which is being drawn up the combustion chamer, anyone know what i can do to get this engine running? also the clutch and gearbox oil is good with no petrol mixed in it so its not drawning anything from there.. its a tricky one but please please help me.

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    Could be that there is a pool of fuel in the crank. Take the head off and put the bicycle upside down and then move the rear tire so the piston is moving to uncover the transfers and let the fuel pour out.