50cc dirtbike motor in Dimondback bike 29er 16 gears

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    suzuki 50cc,
    sickbikeparts freewheel crank and jackshaft
    still need a gastank using temp stainless water bottle.
    Ive hit 35 but need to finalize all my gears and chain issues before going faster.

    ordered this stuff but not in yet
    Next step is making a dc motor work as a generator to charge battery for head and tail lights. and if I make it at correct location it will also work as a chain tensioner.

    do something like this but cleaner and led




    I think I have a bunch of 3.7v 18650 batteries to use and a dc motor. just need to figure out how to wire so it can do blinkers and stuff

    might need one of theses
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  2. database00

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    keep.breaking chains

    I need to keep the chains separated when shifting to my low gears
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    looks good!
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    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    That's an awesome setup database00, and to integrate it with the SickBikeParts shift kit is something else.
    This hobby/transport desperately needs better engine options to work with the SickBikeParts shift kit.

    A proper Japanese 50cc engine is a great option.
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    i have a 66cc Chinese motor as well but the cruiser tire is too fat, havnt messed with it latley, I just like using a dirtbike motor so it can take a beating. And its nice to not have to start with peddling and just kickstart it.
    Im going today to look at a partbike ktm dirtbike. it has a compression chamber on that 50cc, hoping I can get it adapted to fit this. Dont need more power but having more always is an interest.
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    so much simpler then what I was building.
    thanks fabian.

    I know the chain is loose I need to build a tensioner

    found a few decent sized dc motors so I can charge my battery pack. just not sure how the charging works. can I charge a 12 volt battery if motor is only supplying 4 volts?

    some close ups

    IMAG0173ww.jpg IMAG0173b.jpg IMAG0174b.jpg IMAG0175b.jpg
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    Ahh, but if your chain is loose, all you need to do is build a chain tensioner that's designed to bolt directly onto the SickBikeParts shift kit ;-)
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    But I love that I have an oil resivour I dont have to mix my gas at gas stations, not to mention 2 speed motor,

    But I am jelous of your front crank derailer setup with 3 front gears.

    Im still on the market for a gastank instead of using my stainless water bottle.

    was thinking of ordereding

    make tank out of tubing
    and run it length of top bar with gas nozzle on bottom by seat.
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    Got ahold of a ktm kids dirtbike with a huge expansion chamber on it. Lets see if the expansion chamber bolts up tonight.
  12. professor

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    I am using a 24 volt scooter motor driven at half engine speed to make power for lights on both bike one and two.
    4 volts will not charge a 12v battery. You can over volt a lead-acid battery somewhat, but less voltage does not work.
    I am not using a battery at all though- set-up like a moped.
    Lights brighten as rpm goes up. Bulbs work fine and have seen 16-17 volts at WOT.
  13. database00

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    all the led stuff Im getting it might work with less power but hoping for a 12 volt setup. Ive been debating on a few things. what I have come up with so far
    1. is to just use the battery pack should give me at least 1 hr of full lights. And charge when I get home.
    2. Use 3 little motors to get the voltage high enough to charge and have them with small chain sprockets so the chain turns the motors.
    3. They have small windmill motors that charge 12 volt batteries, as well as solar panels that charge with a controller. something like those setups use 12volt.
  14. database00

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    Found these little motors for 10 bucks a piece.
    If I run them at 400 rpm i think it should hit 14volts for charging.

    • Voltage: 12V DC
    • RPM: 300RPM
    • Motor Diameter: 15.5mm
    • Exposed gear box size:13mmx12mmx11mm
    • Shaft length: 9.2mm
    • Height (excl. shaft): 40mm
    • Shaft diameter: 3mm
    • Weight: 22g
    • Brand new and unused
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    This Mini Charger is designed to be used with bicycle dynamo, or motorized bicycle Mini-Generator.
    This can also be used with a 12 volt bicycle dynamo to charge 12 volt batteries, if you so choose.
    3 to 5 total watts of lighting should be used with 6 volt dynamo and 5 to 10 watts for 12 volt dynamo system.
    This Mini Charger will charge both SLA batteries and also NIMH AA battery packs.
    This Mini-Charger is recommended for regular night time riders.
    Add this item to your bicycle and connect to hub or bottle dynamo and charge your SLA, NiMh or Lithium Ion batteries.
    The charging amperage rate of this charger depends on dynamo used. Nominal amperage rating with a regular 6 volt bottle dynamo is around 0.3 amp charge output to a 6 volt battery.
    An inline fuse holder is included in battery positive wire.
    With this Mini-Charger there's no need to repeatedly remove your rechargeable batterie(s). Just follow easy installation instructions, and enjoy simplicity and convenience!

    what the add sais
    The Mini-Charger was originally designed to work with motorized bicycles, but now this model is designed to work with bicycle dynamo.
    -The bottle or hub dynamo connects to Mini-Charger.
    -The Mini-Charger converts dynamo current from A/C to D/C volts which charges the 5 AA NiMh batteries (batteries are NOT included).
    -AA rechargeable NiMh batteries will be charged while you ride your bicycle.
    -Lights will be powered from battery pack instead of only while bike is moving.

    Don't miss out on this deal!
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    ok I think I got the info I need.
    Looks like I need a battery charger stator in my jr50 motor.
    it appears there is a single motor stator and room fr a second stator if I can remove my flywheel.

    2054_2.jpg 2054_13.jpg img_prod77_1_lg.jpg
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    just picked these up
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    You, my friend, are a freaking genius!

    I'm glad you're her and share your knowledge.
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    IMAG0268.jpg IMAG0269.jpg
    still working on it. a few new attachments. waiting on the mail for mirrors and headcam