For Sale 50cc GT50R "CAG" Engine with RT Carburetor

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by flashstar, Apr 10, 2014.

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    I am asking only $145 for this low-mileage (about 130 miles) CAG-style pocket bike 50cc engine. I purchased this from Thatsdax a couple years ago when they were still selling their hopped-up GT50R's. This engine produces around 4hp and comes with a tuned carburetor and extra jets. It comes with a high compression head and a new iridium spark plug. I recently replaced the plug wire with a high quality wire. This engine really pulls well and hit 34 mph without breaking a sweat. It is so light that you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

    The only issue is that one of the clutch springs broke on my last ride. You can replace the spring with a new one for a couple bucks or source a new clutch for $15.

    Important features below:

    -50cc displacement
    -Easy pull-start that reduces starting effort (used around 15 times). These can be hard to find and make starting the engine easy even with a high comp head.
    -Almost new NGK Iridium plug and quality wire
    -High compression head with 2 gaskets to reduce compression a bit (probably around 10:1 now)
    -New high-strength head bolts with lock nuts to keep the bolts from loosening (a common problem with many CAGs)
    -Comes with a lightly used ThatsDax RT Carburetor and a mostly-complete set of jets (might need to be re-tuned depending on altitude, etc.). Also will include throttle cable and grip assembly.
    -Newish piston ring (replaced about 40 miles ago)
    -Functional gas tank and nearly-new fuel filter

    2014-04-10 14.08.56.jpg 2014-04-10 14.09.17.jpg 2014-04-10 14.10.24.jpg

    If you are interested, please contact me at or send me a pm. I am also selling a complete Thatsdax friction drive kit with two drive rollers!

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    $125 for this high quality 2-stroke engine and carburetor!

    The clutch is an easy fix. This package is a great deal for anyone who wants to move up to something more powerful than a Huasheng 50cc or Happy Time engine!
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    Price is OBO so feel free to send me an offer!

    If you buy my good condition friction drive kit with it, I will sell you the entire set for $225!

    There have got to be some takers on this higher performance engine/ drive combo!
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    $100 plus shipping for the high comp CAG engine! This is a great deal for an engine with nearly-new rings.

    $200 for both the engine and almost-new (75 mile) Thatsdax friction drive kit. The friction drive kit includes a large and small drive roller as well as both frame-mount u brackets.

    2014-04-26 17.23.53small.jpg