50cc is too weak

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    i got a 50cc kit but this things performance is not so good, of course it does great on flats but when releasing the clutch on a slight incline the engine just dies and i have to either get off the bike and walk it or just pedal the rest of the way uphill, although i do weigh 234 pounds the engine should pull me just fine, im running the standard size sprocket and engine is all the broke-in. i went with the 50cc to stay legal, anything over 50cc requires a license and insurance/tags. the thing is i had a 50cc monsterscooterparts engine on a bmp kit and it did great! topping out at 34 mph, im getting 38 mph on this one, but its just the uphill thing thats not so good. so how can i increase my low end torque?

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    Lots of things can be done. Larger rear sprocket, smaller rear wheel, shift kit, tuned expansion chamber, planing the head, Better carb. That's just some things. To find more use the search function. The possibilities are endless.
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    What kind of engine and drive system do you have?

    My 47cc is strong enough to climb hills AND run highway speeds.:grin5:
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    its a standard 50cc happy time engine, chain driven,
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    It's all about gearing.

    If you wanna stick with the mono-gear, then give yourself some more gear reduction.

    If you want to climb the hills and keep up on the road, then get a sick bike parts shifter kit...
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    True, the gear thing is true, but I'm on a 48cc, with 44t, and weight 260lbs. Yes, can find some spots, but after milling head, with expansion chamber, I can pretty much take all that's out there.

    ..........PS- I live in the hills of SW Va.
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    Engine size?

    The engine I'm currently using doesn't seem to have the plate that says what size engine it really is. So if I am pulled over and they want to find out how big my motor is they just have to ask me. I'll say it's 48 cc. And actually I never have been pulled over.

    I was lectured to by a police officer directing traffic on one of our busier roads. He stated that I could not ride it on the bike path and I could only go 10 miles an hour. I don't think he was being very truthful either. Actually the first question he asked me was how did you lose your license? I make it a point now to avoid that intersection. This is actually the first time I have ever had any negative reaction by the police, usually I just smile and wave and they wave back.

    If you really want more horsepower the first thing I would look at is a tuned pipe. It made a huge difference in the way my machine works. I use my bike to go over the hill to Portland from the suburbs. And before I got my pipe I was definitely pedaling the little guy up the hill. Now I just hang on and it does all the work. One of the things that does change with a tuned pipe is that the power curve gets a lot steeper. It basically feels like a light switch goes on and after a certain position in the throttle it goes off again, but I'm very happy with the response that I now get out of my motor.I got my pipe from Sick Bike Parts and I highly recommend them.

    I am using a smaller rear sprocket now. It's a 36 tooth cog and it does help keep me from over revving the motor.I know without the tuned pipe there is no way I can get over those hills without doing a lot of work. The good news is that my little bike goes farther and faster. The bad news is that I get less exercise so I have to find another way from turning into a blimp.:grin5:

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    hey mike i had asked a question in another thread about over revving the engine i asked if going to a smaller sprocket would stop the over revving of the motor and you answered the question thanks mike