50cc monster engine (for sale)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by masterx1234, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. masterx1234

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    im selling my old monsterscooterparts engine, this baby has served me well, still fires up fine, has had every gasket replaced with new ones and has over 1500 miles on it, motor tops out at exactly 33 MPH and i weigh 250 pounds.
    all you have to do is replace the clutch pads, selling it for 45 bucks. if you have a bmp kit, this would be a great motor for you!, i live in northern kentucky, will ship it to you or will do local pickup

  2. paulw

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    do u still have the motor and who makes the engine?
  3. ratdoggg

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    Where can you get the clutch pads?
  4. prichmon

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    would like to talk about the motor. I am in huntington/ashland area this weekend.