50cc world record




well here is a site that seems to have the history on the 50cc class around the world and records that where set

if any thing this is what i whant to do more then any thing

but the stream line class has a man that hits 139 in his 50cc stream line 6 speed and very long rev
50cc record bikes

G'day, just surfing around, looking for pics of Ducati Cucciolo's, found this web site www.elsberg-tuning.dk some great pics of bikes, check out the rest of the site, look out for the supercharged 50 cc engines:cool:

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4 stroke
Honda reliability
Lots of midrange, no need of high rpms, longer lasting engine
Supercharged=uses almost all stock parts= no race cam, all stock valves and carb.
Only needs to keep the compresion low<8.0:1
10-11 hp @ 8500-12500rpm
Good throtle response

Now eliminate the Honda transmission and clutch and morf it into a HT bottom end and clutch, so it fits on a bicycle frame and width.

THAT would be a dream engine.
Yeah, I'd love to see a 50cc 4 stroke kit that is free air cooled, no cooling ducting, OHV with exposed valve gear? maybe thats going too far, but at least a motor that looks like a bike motor, not an industrial power unit.

BTW, has anyone seen the "Mister Honey Bee" over at the GruBee site?
have a look under 4 stroke kits!