50mm clutch

peter nap

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3:10 AM
Mar 4, 2008
I'm thinking about buying a 3rd Whizzer to use on my farm. I have several miles there to cover and use ATV's now. They can be troublesom and I don't always need the carrying capacity. They also use a fair amount of gas and parts are expensive. The nearest town is 10 miles away and since I can't use the ATV;s on the road, it's a truck trip.

I was thinking about buying another Whizzer with the 50mm clutch since it is very hilly. That should work well enough on my dirt roads but I'm not so sure about the road travel. Dave at Whizzer says I can run the NE motor at 8600 RPM's all day with no problems. While I respect Daves opinion, he gets bad information sometimes.

Any opinions as to the suitability of the Whizzer with the 50mm for this?
Hi Peter,
The restricted Whizzer motor will not turn 8600. If you remove or modifiy the restrictor you will void your warranty, including the 50 MM auto clutch. The fastest Whizzer [owned by me] peaks at 8820 RPMs, but at higher RPMs a special oil vent system must be used [information available on request], The stock Ambassador motor will average about 6800 RPMs [46 MPH] using the 70 MM clutch. I would suggest using the 70 MM clutch, but you must leave the motor completely stock! At 4500 RPMs using a 70 MM clutch the speed will be 30 MPH [within warranty guidelines], using the 50 MM version the top speed will be 21 MPH. BTW if you don't have a local Whizzer dealer I would be happy to sell you a new Whizzer [PM me far a price].
Hope this information is helpful.

Have fun,