51 Pacemaker rear belt

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    I got my 51 Pacemaker drive train all set up. Belts adjusted. I put on my pedal chain & it's too long. My engine is already all the way back so I can't move my rear wheel back to tighten the chain. I took the rear belt off & took it to the belt place where I get my belts. They measured it & said it's the correct length. It's an AX 62. I bought an AX 63. I figure I can move my engine front if I have to since the belt is longer. I will also be able to move the rear wheel back to tighten the pedal chain. The place I go to sells bearings, belts, chains & pulleys & sprockets. The guy said to put a 1/2 link in the chain. I told him I have a skip tooth chain. I was surprised that he didn't know what a skip tooth chain was. I'll let you know how the belt works out.

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    Hope you get it up and going Jay! Let us know how it works out. I am having some little bugs as well.
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    The AX63 belt does the trick. Everything adjusts right. The rear fender was slightly against the lower part of the rear belt. I took the fender off & slotted it about 1/8 " & now it clears. It's weird because that's the original fender that came with the bike.