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  1. billmc

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    Hi. What should the voltage be, at idle, on my 51 sportsman, it has the built in generator on the right hand side of the engine? Also would some one know what the correct carb for this bike would be. Thanks Bill

  2. The_Aleman

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    The "correct" carb should be on the engine already, although you can run an NT carb and intake from a chinagirl engine instead.

    The factory Huasheng carburetors aren't noted for great performance or reliability. They plug up pretty easily.

    A couple friends of mine have switched to the NT with great results out-of-the-box. My brother installed one on his modified GXH50 and is very pleased with it as well.
  3. billmc

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    My bike has a tillitson #mt51a, and it runs, but not real good, it has hesitation between idle and acceleration, and misses also backfireing, it is ok when you get up to speed. Bill
  4. bakaneko

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    You should get an iridium NGK spark plug. It is night and day between stock. A quality spark will help the firing in your engine. These bikes are simple; three main parts: spark, gas, and air. Spark is really important
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    A "51 sportsman" is a Whizzer 138cc side valve 4 stroke so your spark plug advice is not helpful.
  6. billmc

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    Thanks to the people that responded to my request for information, but I am still wondering about somethings about my 51 sportsman, is there a site that has people that are vintage whizzer people? Thanks Bill