52cc HF motor hits 9000 RPM with 300 lb load

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by andyszyd, Dec 13, 2009.

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    My HF 52 cc HF Mitsu clone is showing steady improvement, after about 7 hrs since new, it hit 34.5 MPH with 240 lb rider (my son Greg). Calculated RPM with BMP friction drive 1.25" BMP roller is 9000 RPM pulling 300lb load (240 lb rider + 40 lb bike + 9.00 lb engine + fuel + BMP kit.
    I find it kind of impressive (engine and kit) not my expertise since this is my first built.

    This is a stock engine without any "works".

    As 5-7HEAVEN suggested this engine may like more a 1.5" roller. He is right, this thing burns the tire with 1.25 roller, with a lighter rider (below 200lb) and 1.5" roller this thing will go well over 40 MPH, so all you speed demons take notice, $90 engine and $159 kit would get you in 40 MPH club with no fancy extra stuff.

    Who knows how fast it would be with shift kit LOL.

    Personally I am not going for 1.5" roller, my goal is still to build a dependable tree climbing set-up.
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    I'm curious why I've seen the HF engine referred to as a "Mitsu clone"?

    Does this HF engine have the dual port intake with cylinder scavenging?
    Also, currently Mitsubishi TLE engines available are 33ccs and the TLE with 43 ccs.
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    Mitsubishi makes other utility engines besides TLE series:

    http://www.deag.ch/images/stories/pdf/downloads/Mitsubishi Meiki-Motoren.pdf

    Page 12 on left side there is TB50 engine looking exactly like HF engine and showing similar parameters.

    Also: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=22426&highlight=mitsu+clone+hf+engine&page=3

    See post by loquin.
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    How is it doing on hills, I'm still undecided on rollers.
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    There is no serious hills here, I would ask people who used friction drive etensively over time like 5-7HEAVEN, Porkchop and others.