53cc HS 10G shifter on a GT2a-150 gas tank frame

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  1. KCvale

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    For reference this newest custom customer build is based on my Dream Machine customer build.

    Except I have full 'creative control' of how I want it ;-}

    First off it won't be black, I am sick of black and 'stealth', it's going to be some sort of Red/Black, but I get ahead of myself.

    For those that are unaware of the parts the link above will give you some insight.

    The newest real Skyhawk gas tank frames I helped design is the GT2A-150 that will take 26" 3" wide tires and has a rear disc brake mount.

    The 4-stroke engines are the elusive HS 144F-1G 53cc 4-stroke, the 142F's 49cc big brother.

    The transfer case is a modified Skyhawk 4G that has a belt drive reduction of 5:1 using a 100T freewheel output, which I replace with longer output shaft to make it a KCK 10G Long Shaft for direct right side output for a right side geared drive.

    This old version base was steel that clamped to the frame.
    The newest version is a thick flat aluminum plate welded right to the frame.


    Most of the other parts like the 26x3"wheels, fenders, seat, disc brakes, and handlebars are from a Fito Modena.


    The front forks however will be disc brake ready Suncore shocks, and the rear 7-speed hub replaced with a SA disc ready internal 3-speed.

    This build may very well become my new crown jewel build so I thought I would share as it comes along.
    Wish me luck ;-}

  2. KCvale

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    The customer has settled on the 'Red Hammered' powder coat, top row 4th from the left in this pallet.


    Me Likey ;-}

    My issue now is trying to find a vendor for the shifting internal hub I want to use.

    I am going to see what is required to be an SA distributor, that may require me to carry stock but I have a web for selling parts and for me anyway, internal shifters are the boss for any shifter build.
  3. johnsteve

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    Id like to know what your ideas are for a reer cog. Is that motor mount welded by you, or is it designed like that?
  4. KCvale

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    That is a complicated question with a very long answer.

    I have a knack for 'inventing' a better way to do things.
    This dates back nearly 2 year and still on-going today for this summers Skyhawk parts run.

    The new GT2A-150 fatter rear disc brake frames I helped design.
    I came up with the new welded flat base mount working with a sheet and had my local welding shop weld it in place as I am no welder, my new frame design will have a 185mm dropout width to accommodate internal hubs like the SA.

    My 10G long shaft is all mine and I convert 4G model 1B's to make them a 10G long shaft.
    The new base will be part of a totally new GT2 frame, and a new 10G will come from the factory so I won't need to convert a 4G.

    How you ask?

    I have been friends with Don Grube for a few years.
    He IS Grubee and Skyhawk.
    An American living it China most of time and only uses factories that do exceptional US standards work to his specs.

    That is why counterfeit parts like gasbike continue use the Skyhawk good names for their crap knockoffs because they were cut off from buying the real thing.
    Side note.. gasbike has been trying to bribe me big time to put a banner to them on my web site and I simply won't.

    Don's wife Angle owns China Gas, she handles exporting, customs, and who can buy Genuine Grubee/Skyhawk wholesale as a distributor and I am on the list.

    It's not just what you know, it's who you know, and all the pieces are falling into place this year for the parts to set the MB community on its ear with new options to go 4-stroke.

    That's it in a nutshell but not not even close to how it all works, understanding the whole process and the money involved would make your head spin, it makes mine spin but I am catching on heheh ;-}
  5. dchevygod

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    OK KC you got THE connections to make the industry better and you are, I give you kudos Sir. Very nice design by the way!

    Something a bit off topic but have you ever done a right side engine/ left side pedal power on a dual drive hub or even an IGH for a shifter?
  6. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    The frame is back from powder coating.



    The new welded in aluminum base with 4 perfect HS engine mount holes works great.

    The engine is offset to the right of bike center.
    This allows the left pedal to clear the transfer case on the left and clear the right cover UNDER the the pull start.
    In short the pedals feel natural and not sticking out so wide it feels like riding a bull like the kit BB's have with the funky wide crank arms.
    The pedal arms and engine height are perfect.
    They just fit by the transfer case and right engine cover under the pull start so they are not awkwardly wide like you have in kits, if you have rode one you know what I mean, it feels like your are straddling a bull they are so wide with the kits BB.
    The pedal arms and engine height are perfect.
    They just fit by the transfer case and right engine cover under the pull start so they are not awkwardly wide like you have in kits, if you have rode one you know what I mean, it feels like your are straddling a bull they are so wide with the kits BB.
    The pedal arms and engine height are perfect.
    They just fit by the transfer case and right engine cover under the pull start so they are not awkwardly wide like you have in kits, if you have rode one you know what I mean, it feels like your are straddling a bull they are so wide with the kits BB.

    The hammered red powder coat looks a much deeper red in natural sunlight than under this florescent and camera flash light.
    It really is a stunning contrast theme.

    The bike store didn't have 13g black spokes the right length so I had to go silver to get the SA 5-speed laced in right.
    The disc brake went on perfect.

    It's all downhill from here.

    The back wheel will have come off one more time to mount the back fender, and then it will get an axle tug on the right to keep the wheel in place when it goes back on.

    I am torn on the front fork...
    The Fito's triple tree forks look great on this but provide no suspension.
    I have a black suspension disc brake fork coming which will improve the ride and make it look more like a motorcycle, but will gob up the look a bit with the chrome and stickers.

    That will have to be the customers call so I can't do much with the handlebars until then.
    I will temp cable the controls so we can test ride it now as the forks aren't due here until sometime between the 17th and 22nd.

    Actually now that I stare at it awhile I can cable cable most of it up, the handlebars come right out of the 2-part headset and should go into the new forks headset in the same place.
    More thought needed as one of my real important build traits is perfect cable/wire matching for that 'clean' look.
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  7. KCvale

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    Thanks for the Kudos Chevy ;-}

    Nope, not done either of those alternative drive options.
    All I tend to do is find a better way to use what the bicycle industry already makes and add engine power by the most efficient means possible.

    I think I have found that.
    The next step is an all in financical leap of faith.
    Not just my custom frames and 10G transfer cases, but HS small 4-stroke engines with built in power generating ability.

    Similar to what they made with the -D1 model.


    Like everything, got to buy 200 of them if you want custom, hence the 'all in' part, but being an actual electronics engineer, with the right voltage, regulation, and battery this systems electrical power generation on the bike with nominal overall draw from engine power should be pretty cool and more than enough for all your MB electrical power needs.

    'A really small engine motorcycle with pedals' kind of system complete with electric power for good lights as well as powering and even charging your i-phone/pad type devices.

    Baby steps, but in the right places for the desired results.
    I know my desires, how these play out in the marketplace is the big IF for me.
    Well, damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead!
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  8. KCvale

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    The bike is out on a combination test run and parts run as I type.
    It needs a black automotive gas line and better 'axle tug' for the right side to help keep the wheel in place as that hub takes a lot of torque.

    I am sure loving this SA 5-speed hub, you can't even tell it is a shifting hub, all of that is done between the chain stays and you can barley tell a cable even goes there.


    I need to get this one buttoned up today, I still need to build one for me, and I have 3 more customers deciding on colors and options for their builds if I can get the damn parts I need to even build them!

    It's not the system everyone can afford, but until you can you at least know what is possible and salivate ;-}
  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    All Done.






    Actually not completely done in these pics...

    The chain guard and light on the rear fender were not on yet.

    I am having an issue tuning the engine.
    It doesn't have the umph it should.
    I will address that today and get the shipping arranged.
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  10. dchevygod

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    Ahh man that looks sweet! Wonder what's wrong with the powerplant? Check everything and call me in the morning lol. Nice bike anyway I'm sure you'll get her right. What's the price tag look like on one of those? Serious inquiry BTW...
  11. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Thanks Chevy.
    Oh ya, I will figure out the performance problem, nothing leaves my shop until it's prefect no matter how long it takes.
    That one is a beauty for sure.
    ~$1500 depending on what you want on one as I have options galore.

    I will even have kits available later this year because, well, I nailed it man!
    This system rocks already, and with a couple factory side improvements in the works this year, well, suffice it to say, I will be around awhile ;-}
  12. Neufcruz

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    Another creation of beauty! Nice job. Where did you get the fenders? Looking for the same in black as well.
  13. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Thanks Mike.
    I strip a new Fito Modena GT for the parts.
    $350 delivered.

    Not the most practical way to build from a bare frame though.
    I don't use the frame, BB, or 7-speed, and usually not the front fork though I did on this one, for a set of disc brake wheels, fenders, seat, handlebars with cool leather grips levers and cables with headset isn't bad for the price.

    What frame are you using?
    I have to get creative to mount the rear Fito fender on the GT2.
  14. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Skyhawk. Let me know if ya ever have an extra set your not using. I love those.

  15. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You can make your own from a regular fender.
    That fear fender just has sheet metal sides pop riveted on the edge of a regular fender.
  16. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I got more engines in so we just swapped a new one in so I could call it done.
    What a difference!
    It has it's umph now and man what a ball to ride.

    We only got a little test riding in before dark yesterday so I let my helper ride it home last night.
    We both have a new favorite build now and that is really saying something ;-}
  17. 45u

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    VERY NICE well done.
  18. Neufcruz

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    Swapped out the other exhaust for a different one and of course it needs a little help as well. Had to shave a little off 2 fins on my head. Different (taller ) head and also drill out the actual holes on the pipe a little as they would accept the exhaust studs. You would think if you payed $80.00 for a pipe that the mounting flange would be right. Oh well! I would fall over if something actually fit without modification. Lol
    Finish when I get home.
  19. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Ummm, Neufcuz, what does your 2-stroke build exhaust issues have to do with my 4-stroke build topic?
    You asked about the rear fender, I told you could make your own.
    This is how they make them.
    They take a common short bobbed fender and rivet skirts to the sides.


    To make it secure on this frame I had to use offsets which actually work better than stock mounts.

    I used the holes left on the back from the stock mount hardware to fashion a cool little mount for a nifty little 3 mode back light mount.

    The customer now wants lights, speedo and back rack, and going to drive from Texas to pick it up.
    Go figure, I already scheduled and paid for shipping to him.
    No biggie, I wanted a speedo on it anyway and already have a light and tach/hour meter on it.

    A back rack is going to be tricky though...
    No frame mounts for one, and not much room.
    Going to have to get creative again.

    Here are a couple pics of what I thought was 'done'.



    Hard to tell now what it will look like next but fun none the less, we already have 25 hours of test ride miles on it ;-}
  20. johnsteve

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    Id like to ask about the brakes. What model and brand name are you using on this build, and why did you choose these brakes. Are they mechanical or hydraulic?