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    I've owned 4 motorized bikes and understand that things do eventually break no matter how nice you are. I just ordered a 53cc 144f 1g off *ebay* :eek: to replace my tired 142f 1g. It being my first time buying from ebay I was wary at first, then I saw the seller was someone through jimco tech in raymore missouri, owned by a James Grube, which i suspect is related to Don Grube.

    Waiting for ups to deliver it. As I've been waiting I was thinking what would occur if something broke? What exactly in this motor is different from the 142f 1g? I understand it has a larger bore but the same stroke. Is it just the piston and piston rings that are specific to the 53cc, or is there more? Its not the 1D so no generator. Where would I find replacement parts for it?

    Starting to think I should have made the jump to the hf 79cc (hs 154 or 156f) everyone seems to be doing, but I want it to at least appear legal :p. Can someone calm my fears and tell me replacement parts for the 144 are cheap and easy to come by as the 142...

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    Got it today, swapped it all out...idles a little poorly and make a horrible rattling noise somewhere in the crankcase when i use any throttle. Sounds like something loose on the crankshaft. Works kinda...worried it might not last long. Wish someone would settle my fears of no way to repair this motor, searched all over for replacement parts to no avail...:(

    Edit: after a few miles of running around it seems the sound has gone away, hopefully for good. Neither of my other 4 smoke builds made that sound, my first being a 49cc kit from bickberry on a huffy nel lusso I spent $750 on total. It was stolen the day after I deemed it perfect :mad:.

    My next was a very well used unknown motorized cruiser I bought for $150, had a 4g version c, which i knew was better quality than the 3:1 tc that my bikeberry build had. The clutch was trashed and carb was corroded. Cost another $50 to get running ok. I ended up buying a used cranbrook for $30 and swapped everything over. It lasted over 1k miles, but its developed a vibration from about 4.5 to 6k rpm. Pushing through the vibration lessens, but I know something is wrong inside. I plan on rebuilding the engine now that I have a hopefully good motor to use for work.

    I've been using motorized bikes as daily transportation for over a year now. I travel 10-30 miles a day for work and personal travel, theres been times I've gone about 70 miles to visit my brother. I just hope this engine lasts, my job depends on it lol.

    Edit edit: the 53cc seems governed.
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    I am very familiar with HS 4-stroke engines.
    The 142 and 144 are the exact same outside, what they do is basically overbore the cylinder and use a slightly larger piston for the 144.
    All the other parts are the same, if it's actually a piston issue however, you may have parts issues.

    Personally I can feel and enjoy the little power boost ;-}
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    As I'm breaking it in I can definately feel the extra power, inclines I had to pedal some on to keep the engine revs up I can take on without pedaling. The rattling/ringing noise from inside the crankcase has basically disappeared (hopefully for good).

    Now I'm gonna take my old 142 and crack it open, see what all this vibration is about. My guess is its something to do with the oil dipper or the clamp holding the arm to the shaft. I'll either repair it for a backup or keep it as is for parts.

    Edit: Close inspection of the 53cc I see what looks like tiny vertical cracks on the outside of the cylinder wall between the fins below the exhaust port. Not sure if its a ticking timebomb or not...these have steel sleeves inside the aluminum casing, right?
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    Checking out the owners manual I came across this page I have in the following picture. Seems there are exactly 6 parts that are 144f specific: cylinder, piston, No. 1 piston ring, No. 2 piston ring, oil ring and liner ring. Sticker in the back says:

    Service Information
    Contact person: David Kostka
    Company: Lehr Inc.
    Address: 8922 Ellis Ave Los Angeles CA 90034 USA
    Telephone: 1-877-387-4215

    If there is anyone with these 6 replacement parts you can use them to turn ANY hs 142f into a 144f :eek:!!! Imma give this guy a call.

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  6. KCvale

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    Whats that cost over just buying a 144F 53cc to start with?
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    Sadly, it's a no go... Called the number, it's old. Search the internet and found Lehr Inc's new number, same company with David Kostka as the VP of engineering. Called them and got ahold of someone who explained that a Chinese company has been using part of their manual and they only make propane engines...and no 53cc anything :mad:.

    Seemed my only hope in case any of my 144 specific parts went south... If anyone finds anything please let me know. Would be nice to have parts in case something went wrong, plus I'd swap my old 49 to 53 if it's salvageable :rolleyes:.

    They might be worth looking into for their propane engines, however. Just throwing that out there, saw they have outboard and lawn care motors that all run on propane.
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    All I can say as a Business man apposed to a Hobbyist is get all right stuff to start with.
    Again I ask what does it cost in time and money to make a 49cc into a 53cc, and would it be reliable?