Sprockets 56-tooth sprocket sized for #41 chain? Can't find one...

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    The pulley on the EZM Q-Matic drive's centrifugal clutch specifies and nicely accepts a #41 chain. I have a hub-mounted 56-tooth sprocket on my rear wheel, and that sprocket's teeth are much thinner than those on the clutch. So my #41 chain can move somewhat from side-to-side on the big sprocket. (The two sprockets and the chain are ½-inch pitch.)

    Does anybody here know of a source for a 56-tooth, ½" pitch sprocket that's specifically sized for #41 chain? I can't seem to find one. I feel that having the #41 chain running on a properly-sized final sprocket would be preferable to my current thin sprocket.
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    Excellent! Thanks, Greg!
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    The Q Matic uses a MaxTorque clutch with a 10 tooth sprocket
    sized for 41 chain.

    These sprockets are 41 with a 1" center and blank so you would
    have to drill the holes and enlarge the center.


    I don't think that it a big problem having a thinner sprocket in the rear.
    Quite a few people are doing it on the 4 strokes and on 2 strokes using
    41 chain.