56t or 48t

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  1. cajunmike

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    Hey, I just put a 66cc slanthead motor on my huffy mb and I would like to ride on trails. What would be better, a 56t or 48t sprocket. I want it to pull my 250lbs but have some speed too. Thanks

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    Need more info. What altitude do you live at, are trails steep, how fast do you want to go? A 48 or 50 tooth should serve you ok but you really can't have hill climbing and fast speed with only one gear.

    Consider a shifter kit, its worth ever penny.
  3. cajunmike

    cajunmike New Member

    Thanks for the info I'm going to split the differance am going with a 50t I got on e-bay
  4. crackers

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    Same basic question except I will be riding on a paved road in the mountains. My house is at 5,000' and our road in front of my house climbs to 6,500' in less than a mile. I can't make it over a couple of blocks before the motor an myself poop out. I have a dax 47cc kit with a stock 44tooth sprocket. What do you think a 48 50 or 56? I want to be able to ride it up here where I live and speed isn't to important, 15 mph on the flats and be able to climb without to much peddling would be cool. Help me please, I have no idea which to buy.
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  5. andyszyd

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    I am in the same boat (260 lb) and like to ride step trails.
    No single speed kit or sprocket will do.

    There are only three solutions: shift kit, NuVinci, or Bimoto.

    If anybody has other realistic ideas I want to hear from you.

    I am starting with shift kit from Scooter Guy. See if it will work for me.
  6. crackers

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    cajunmike let me know how that 50 tooth works out for you. I know a shift kit would be nice but a little to expensive for me. I'm going to buy a parts bike with a good rear wheel and install my new sprocket on it. That way I will have a manual two speed shift kit one wheel for the mountains and one for the city.:sailor: