5G gearbox

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    Deleted due to stupidity..

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    That is what is called a Hoot gearbox and will not last - don't buy it! It is a piece of junk. They've been around for years and people have tried all sort of things to get them running. Just do a search and you'll find all kinds of posts.

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    Thanks Chris!
    After staring at the problem for a few hours, there is no adapter for this Hoot gearbox, rather it is a different engine side case than I have. I've two HS 142's, one is installed on a beach cruiser with the Hoot and the other 142 installed on my GT frame (where the Qmatic I sent you came from.)
    So, my dilema is: I started out with a 4G gearbox that I hated because of the ringky-dink clutch, installed the Qmatic that I hated equally due to the built in clutch slippage until you get up to about 18 MPH, so now???? What do you think about the Stage III GB?
    Thanks again