Sprockets 6 Bolt Disc Rotor Question - bolt size


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Apr 16, 2008
Aurora, IL
I am planning on making an adapter plate to mount the sprocket to a 6 bolt disc hub. I don't have a wheel with me right now. Does anyone know the size of the bolts that are used to bolt the rotor to the hub?

I think they are 5x10mm, but I'm not sure. I need to know how much clearance I need in the adapter plate. Thanks, Carl
They're definitely 5 mm. I don't know the length, though.

Here's the hub bolt pattern... The 'Tapped' reference is for the disk holes in the hub.


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Thank you very much! I knew my bolt pattern was off on my adapter plate. I drew it up in english units at 1.750" but it was just a little too big. 44mm should be correct since that equals 1.73228".
Wat size bolt do u use to mount just the sprocket on the hub no disc brake ,how about titanium bolt and the length to use mounting wheel on everything lines up perfect just need to know wat size bolts to use to mount sprocket to disc brakes hub