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    My Whizzer has period correct head and tail lights so, I would like to power them. I temporarily wired up the lights using a 5 cell Nimh battery to see how they look and they look very nice lit up!

    The Nimh battery is 2100mah and only holds to 6 volts for about 1/2 hour or so. I have one of the "rub the wheel generators" and was thinking I could just add a diode on the positive side from the generator so that it could charge the battery when riding fast enough. I'll have to see how it works out.

    Does anybody have pics or videos of vintage whizzers with the 6 volt lights lit up? Any advise on setting up the 6 volt lights?

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    Well I got the 6 volt lighting system all setup and it works great.

    I have a bicycle generator on the rear wheel and a 2100mah Nihm battery that fits inside the "Miller" headlight. I have a toggle switch to turn the battery power on and off.

    I have a bridge rectifier on the bicycle generator (it puts out ac voltage and I need dc to charge the battery) and another diode coming off the rectifier so that generator will only put voltage out and not pull the battery down when it is stopped or turning slowly.

    You can operate it 4 ways with this setup.

    1) Lights off: release generator lever so that it is not engaged and turn battery off.

    2) Generator powered lights: engage generator and leave battery turned off.

    3) Battery powered lights: generator disengaged and battery turned on.

    4) Both generator and battery ON powering lights constantly while charging battery at the same time.

    I could add one more option of having the generator charging the battery with the lights turned off but, I don't see a need for that and I don't want more wires routed on the frame. The way it is setup now there is only one black wire routed on the frame, keeping it nice and clean.

    If anyone is interested on setting this up on there bike let know and I can provide more info.
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    I don't understand why a diode between the rectifier and generator. The diode would in effect stop 1/2 the ac sine wave, and render the rectifier useless. If it is installed between the rectifier and battery/load it would be ok, however the rectifier should prevent flow from the battery back to the generator with its two diodes. Or am I missing something?
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    I am sorry that i didn't see your post.

    The generator puts out ac, then the rectifier makes it dc, then i have a diode in the dc line so that voltage can only travel to the battery. Hope this helps.