60 years & no bike!

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    :cool:Recent widower and hope for some exercise to help the old bones work a little. I have been looking at a booster engine and lean to electric rather than a rice burner engine. I live in a retirement village and the petrel two stroke may be disturbing to some neighbors. I am a rather large man 1.9m and 124kg and have a mountain bike but have never been on it yet. I thought I would get use to the bike B4 I invest in any other equipment. I am just starting to research various power sources and was wondering if any one might have a practical suggestion from experience as to brand or manufactour I might look into. Any help would be appreciated

  2. professor

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    Hi Griz, you are a rare one indeed! Everybody here has been on bikes their whole life. But the motorized bike is a different animal. Much fun.

    First, you need to find out what is legal to do where you are.
    Where are you? Don't know if our legal section covers anywhere but here in the US.

    Then, do a lot of reading here/ look at the picture section too.
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    Sir, you have my utmost respect. :bowdown: Makes me feel like a young whippersnapper again. :grin5:
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    Welcome griz!

    No disrespect meant, but because of your age, I'd start with a trike. :idea:
    You wouldn't have to worry about balancing and falling off the bike.

    The simplest would be an electric hub in your front wheel. With a basket in the rear, you should have no problem carrying 40lbs of lead batteries.
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  5. griz32

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    Well it would not be the first time I fell on my ars! I will take your advice about the front wheel drive though. Do you have a suggestion as to the best mfg'r?

    ETaus here in oz is one I googled @ $400.00 seems expensive? What do you think?
  6. cargo-master

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    I'd have to say that I'm in complete agreement with both 5-7HEAVEN w/ re: to balance/trike/electric & ibdennyak. Welcome & have fun. Motored bicyling is good fun. The building of & the creativity of making your own mb you'll find rewarding. I 'm a newbie also as of last summer 2010. Keep reading throughout the forum & look at all the creative builds. You'll become inspired as the rest of us have. Good luck! --- c-m
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    Me 69 and no working MB yet but working on it. Use regular bikes some have all my life. Mostly on the back of the motor home now.
    Check with the local DMV they should have a book on the laws for MB If you do go gas engine maybe look into a $ stroke the are a lot quiter and can be muffeld more.
    WELCOME ABOARD.........Curt
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Be very careful, griz. A bad fall can break your hip and put you in a motorized wheelchair or bed.

    JMO, play it very safe. An electric hub can get you moving in style, faster than those mobility scooters. The price you quoted is about right. However, you could keep an eye out for used hubs, or maybe a complete electrified trike!

    JMO, be prepared to spend $800 on your electric project. :detective:
  9. wheelbender6

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    Griz - Sorry for your loss. If you can bicycle OK, motorize the mountain bike.
    If you are a bit wobbley on the mountain bike, take Heaven's advice and get a trike. It can carry more libation anyway.
    The 2 stroke China motors we use are much quieter than weed eaters or lawnmowers if you use the stock exhaust pipe.
    The electric motor would be easier to mount on a trike. You can just put an electric hub motor wheel on the front and you are ready to go. Much cheaper than a golf kart.
  10. griz32

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    Thanks for the advice and probably b4 it is over I should get a three wheeler. I always take big bites when I do something like this. My engine was delivered yesterday and now I sm waiting for the mountain bike. Should be fun to have a project to pullllt ltogether and play with.
  11. cargo-master

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    Did you get a complete engine assist kit & from whom? How many cc's / watts would she be? Let your fun begin. I'll follow your progress with interest. Stay well Griz. -- c-m
  12. Esteban

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    Just because we are over 60, doesn't mean we are over the hill. I ride a regular non-motorized bike daily . Yes, you can learn to ride a bike again, but atke it slowly & ride a lot before putting a motor on it. If you cannot get used to it,, then 3 wheels are an option.