60cc, 70cc, 80cc.. what is the diff?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by How2, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Hello all.. noob here.

    I think I get the diff between 2 stroke and 4 stroke but what is the diff between 60cc, 70cc and 80cc kits??


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    First off as far as I know, there is no true 80cc kit, they are around 69.something cc"s And the 60cc kit is around 59cc's
    The larger kits like the 70cc have more torque
    The 50,60cc kits wind out more (higher rpms)
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    Hi, i think i can help...
    It is very tought to tell the difference between a 49cc and an "80cc" 2 stroke. I use the quotes because no one has an '80cc' unless they rebored it themselves, but alot of people do have 70cc engines.

    I think the engines you have seen on ebay, and other wise, that look like this are either made by Nantong Jiali(NT) in china or they are a clone that looks very simlar. They are not marked in anyway(with the exeption of an 'NT' on the air intake).

    The only way I know for sure is to measure the ID and Height of the head sleave and look at thier chart, but I would say it's a safe bet that you will be getting a 70cc when it says 80cc and 48cc when you see 49cc or 50cc advertized.

    As to which has the power that you need... I dont know. Their web site has the actual Kilo watts/Rpm of the different engines sizes, and i can also tell you that i have the 70cc engine and my bike and I weight about 220 altogether, and i can climb any hill i want on a 44t sprocket

    Here is the model you are looking at on to their website:http://ntjl.com/en/productsf009.asp?cp_id=416&cp_LMid=108
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    Hey.. thanks for the reference!!! I truly appreciate it and will give Bob a call. Like I said.. I'm a noob... just checking out what is out there and posted that link as an example only... not suggesting that I am purchasing from them.
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    Thank you so much. Your post is a big help! I need about the amount of power you've expressed here.
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    Can't find the web page now, but I read somewhere they are ALL 48cc, regardless of what the vendors call them. My first kit claimed to be 80cc, the second, 70cc.
    I wonder if they're really 48's. :???:

    Anyone else see that article ?

    I guess just ride 'em and Que sera sera. :cool: