62 Mph Push Trailer!with Video!

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by eastwoodo4, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. eastwoodo4

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  2. graucho

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    Nice helmet.
  3. fetor56

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    Great,just what i'de like to do....speed wobble over the road passing cars with no helmet. :dunce:zzzzzz
  4. Mountainman

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    good wobble going on !!!

    that was a pretty good wobble going on !!!

    hope that no young ones on site -- get any ideas -- thinking that in any way that would be safe

  5. DetonatorTuning

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    great motor what ever it is. not impressed with the connection that induces that wobble. even less impressed with the lack of concern for personal safety of self or others on that road.

    i have nothing against speed but you should pick your place much more responsibly.

  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    The rider almost got hit in the last few seconds of the video by a merging vehicle.

    O:sweatdrop:eek:oooh, no safety gear!
  7. Easy Rider

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    I totally agree with you Steve. I got going that fast once but with my full gear on (full face helmet, chest protector and pads). I decided it was too fast for a bicycle so I geared it back down. I'm happy with mid 40's for a top speed but I usually cruise around the mid 20's to low 30's.
  8. Rgvkid

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    Actually looks like the woddles might be coming from the tire tread tracking on cuts and groove on the highway. It would definitly help its stability if the trailer was lower to the ground. The top heaviness of the trailer will increase the wobble.
  9. Gen3Benz

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    hahaha.....bicicleta con idoita!
  10. Hawaii_Ed

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  11. macarollo

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    that is pretty crazy. No safety gear at all either. Pretty stupid to drive that on a busy highway!

    I got scared at 50mph on my bike. I can't even imagine going 62mph and being surrounded by cars and no helmet!
  12. eastwoodo4

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    for all we know he could be laid up right now with some serious road rash.or worse.the trailers likey to hit him hard if he goes down.
  13. RdKryton

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    I don't like anyone to get hurt but he needs to be removed from the gene pool. That's just a bad example of how not to do it. What thought process tells you that is a smart thing to do. He can set back our movement 10 years with stunts like that.

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  14. seanhan

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    JUST GO BY A MOTORCYCLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Before they have to scrape you up with a snow shovel !!!!
    Second thought we really dont want you on a Motorcycle either !!!!
  15. s_beaudry

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    Now that is taking your life in your hands....

    The trailer was wbbling like crazy and the back wheel seemed to wobble/fishtail just a hair too!

    Absolutely crazy...
  16. Revorunner

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    All I can say is :ack2::ack2::ack2:
  17. bluegoatwoods

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    JUST GO BY A MOTORCYCLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Before they have to scrape you up with a snow shovel !!!!
    Second thought we really dont want you on a Motorcycle either !!!!

    Well put.
  18. Rileymoto

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    Love those new invisible helmets.... :p
  19. Just_Gasit

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    So many things I could say that's wrong about it.... I go with: Man, that's a fast bike! I hope he has life insurance, some one is going to have to pay for some future arrangments at his current rate.
  20. ZnsaneRyder

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    WOW, and OMG!!! That's just a bit too insane, even for the ZnsaneRyder! :ack2:

    We have now found the new record holder for fastest on a bicycle!

    He was HOLDING over 60mph! O M G!!!

    My trailer wouldn't even get to 50 ALL the time! Most of the time, I did under 40mph, and with a helmet, and MUCH safer setup!!! I did manage to get 55mph with my new trailer with enough road, but only hit that speed just ONCE. Under 40 is much safer!

    His would be safer if his trailer didn't wobble. After building several trailers, the wobble MUST be reduced/eliminated for safety! I won't go as far as calling him a complete idiot, but he really needs to improve his design, and slow down a bit!!!! I don't want to see him splattered all over the road, making MBikes look more dangerous then they should be.

    BUT..........I have to give him props at the same time for making that machine able to go that fast. After watching that video, it's obvious he has a Honda Clone engine, Like I do, so why is he able to get 60+MPH??? Is his bigger than a 6.5? It looks just like a 6.5, I wonder if he hopped-up his engine with aftermarket performance parts??? I'm still amazed he could go that darn fast! ***EDIT, I see now why he's going over 60, he has a Comet TAV on his engine! Whoa!***

    I really hope he just went that fast to shoot his video! I would NEVER, EVER, go fast like that on a crowded road with no helmet! THAT'S CRAZY!!! I hope he rides at more reasonable speeds most of the time. He won't last long going 60 for very long on that wobbly thing! NEEDS A HELMET!!!

    Thanks to eastwood04 for posting this link to the youtube video!!!! GREAT Entertainment!
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