62 Schwinn with lots of Leather

This is my 62 schwinn turned SCHWARLEY - Pics taken with my Acer laptop using Acer Orbicam.
Pic 008-Fuel Tank ,Gas Cap ,HomeMade Seat ,Original Tank - Leather Covered
Pic 009-Wire Basket - Leather Upholstered
Pic 014-Engine - Covered with wire mesh and perforated Leather with velcro
straps. Aluminium foil covers the strap where it touches engine block.
Pic 015-Engine revealed
Pic 025-Side view with Leather Upholstered Basket out
Pic 056-Rear view with Leather Upholstered Basket out
Pic 093-Leather covered Flashlights installed at top of truss rods
Pic 102-Rear top view of Gas Tank and HomeMade seat - Leather covered


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Hey i saw your bike parked on bloor street last night. Alot of people were commenting on it as they walked by. Very cool!



That bike looks NICE but I have some ??'s

what type of leather did you use .....a cabretta or upholstery cow?

How dose the gas tank cover do with the spillage some of us do when we fill the tanks?

I know you must know the UV kills leather what type of conditioner/sun tan oil :) are you using.

I love the idea of the camo tape as an accent that is way cool.

with the engin cage that is a great idea but dose it transfer the heat to that wide of an area on a long run ??



Re - Cookie

I'm not exactly sure what type of leather was used . I just buy the scrap leather and what fits I let the bike wear it. I use mainly mink oil as conditioner for all but the seat. The gas tank cover will absorb minor spills if tank overflows at fillup which is rare. The camo tape came in handy for the detailing and can be also use for "emergencies". The engine cage is well perforated and ventilated and the materials used cause little or no transfer of heat even if the cage rest directly on the engine. Thanks for your interest ...