'64 Schwinn Typhoon-first Build-

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    First posted in wrong thread, now updated with info!!

    1964 Schwinn typhoon with a '70 murray Frontend

    2012 skyhawk GT5 from gasbike.com

    crank, pedals, fenders, neck, chain, bearings from a Schwinn Delmar(black)

    seat is from Raleighrons.com ebay store

    seat uprights are stainless mirror brackets off a tractor trailer

    kill switch wires and a portion of the magneto/ cdi wires are covered
    in mr gasket stainless braided vacuum tubing(rubber tubing removed) bought at autozone

    chrome trim on gastank is car door edging also from autozone

    choke mounted under gas tank for a cleaner look on handlebars

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    Clean, I like the chrome door edging on the tank. Nice touch.
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    I was slack in noting that my very good friend LOUIE did most of the hard work on this bike while i was the finance/idea man....we basically built the bike over the phone in the months leading up to actually building it in the course of 2 days while wife and I were vacationing at his house for 2 weeks....good times:cool2: