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    Ok, I just want to come to alittle defence for these cheaper china creations. Well, I've only got about 400 miles on mine, but scared to say that its running great for what it is. See, I ported & milled ,speed carb,long intake-with expantion and with 44T it pulls Very well. I weigh 255, and here in SW Va. there are many hills. It will pull just about everything hill related (96%) at 20+ mph. It pretty much tops in lower 30's, but I know the bike alone is pushing 70lbs alone.

    So, it will be very interesting to see just how long this will last? Considering it's made in such a disposable way??????? :eek:

    PS: I'm telling you, also go with total synthetic.
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    hmmm, my occ chopper with an internally stock 66 c.c. 2 stroke, modified long pipe, custom made carb scoop, ngk plug, accell plug wire, re-jetted n.t. carb, 41 tooth rear sprocket and a 24 inch tall rear tire on a 20" wheel will top out at 32 mph on flat ground.
    it has hill climbing power as well, and will climb hills easily at 20-25 mph.
    on the other hand, i weigh 165 pounds

    my internally stock 49 c.c. 2 stroke on my 20 inch lowrider bike has a 41 tooth rear sprocket, expansion chamber, modified stock muffler, ngk plug, accell plug wire, high flow k&n style filter, re-jetted n.t. carb, 20 inch rims with a 21 1/2 inch tall rear tire and it will top out right around 30 mph.
    it too climbs hills easy at around 15-20 mph.
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    Yeah, I've also got a 48cc CNS carb,ported & milled,NGK,8mm wire,expansion,7" intake,and lol B-bottle. It's slower on hills, but on flat will grab 35mph. I really try not to run them at max either. See, really the main thing I'm after is torque...........

    Glen:eek: One can't help but to wonder how long they'll go?????
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    66cc stock

    I rode this one for two years before selling it to a friend. it was only a 66cc mostly stock engine with only a clutch replacement and a couple of tires in that time. Of course I did replace the stock plug and wire before I even started it the first time. Guess I was lucky on this one. It topped out at about 38mph but most of the time I didn't ride it that hard. Best "stocker" I ever owned.

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    the advantage that most people have on their bikes over my bikes is the rear wheel size.
    I'm only running 20" rims on both of my bikes, and the smaller the back rim, the less top end speed you'll get out of the bike.
    If i went from the 41 tooth sprockets down to 36 tooth sprockets on both bikes, i'd gain a few mph on the top end.
    I bet a 36 tooth wouldn't kill too much of the bottom end torque since i have such small diameter wheels.
    gear ratio and wheel size has a ton to do with low end torque and top end speed.
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    20 inchers

    Hey Motorpsycho, I've done 8 or 10 of the OCC's so I know what you mean. They are torky things aren't they? I'm 230lbs and they got me off the line just fine. Of course with a standard sprocket top speed is around 30mph, but I think that really is fast enough for a little bike. I don't remember what frame you are using but I found the OCC's a little thin in the frame metal. Like I said, I'm a big guy and the frames on those things kept breaking on me. Right now I'm in the middle of a Jesse James build. We'll see how the Huffy holds up compared to the Schwinn. I'm waiting on the offset carb manifold from BOYGOSLOW then two, three days should do it to complete the build. I'll try to remember to take pics.
    Big Red.
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    A 36 tooth sprocket on a 20" wheel is the same as a 47 tooth sprocket on a 26" wheel.

    41 teeth on 20" is like 53 teeth on 26".

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    hmmm, looks like i'll be looking for some smaller rear sprockets pretty soon.
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    I want to know ---> A 34 teeth on 24" is like ??? teeth on 26".....Thanks
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    ??? = 36
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    34 teeth / 24" wheel = 1.417

    1.417 * 26" = 36.83, or about 37 teeth.