66cc 29er "Hobby Horse"

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    This is the Hobby Horse, 29" iron horse yakusa 5.1 24 sp bike. Modifications; 66cc engine, extended offset intake. sbp HD jackshaft kit to make it an 8sp. left side and soon right side tensioners. 21T left side sprocket, 10T right side sprocket, 44T chain ring on the free wheel. Jaguars cdi, backlit temp tach and speed display. Two very bright headlights that I must use on lowest setting. Double wall rear cassette style rear disc rim with sealed cartridge bearing. Fatty 2.4" front and rear knobby tires. Dual brake lever. And a better rear derailleur than shown in picture. I will be gearing it down further this winter as I want it to crawl as slow as 1 mph.

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  2. chained

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    Nice! very nice.
    i have a 29" MTB as well. Its a far better ride in my opinion.

    How much of a pain is it to install that jackshaft?

    Great looking bike
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    Enoy that beer. Cool bike.
  4. battery

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    That's what I do :) Grab a beer, Ride deep in the woods and have a cold one. Best hobby ever!