66cc (80cc) For spare parts

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    This is the old engine I replaced. Worked great for 4 years until the bottom crank bearing gave out and eventually scored the cylinder. Great for parts, all it needs is a cylinder and piston and a new crank bearing. The bottom mounting bolts are custom threaded, M8 bolts, they're also spaced differently so you would have to probably rebuild your lower frame mount. The head studs are also the high tension one's from SBP. I have a bunch of other crap that I can throw in there also, like a carb, another slant head with custom heat sink, sprocket cover etc. PM with an offer, not looking for much since I bought my new engine for 95$US :). Just looking to clear up some space and make a few bucks.


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    Where are you located? What's the lowest you'd take?

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    hey skyhawk...

    I'm looking for.......1...million....dollars..... muhuhahahaha... ..*cough..*cough *ehem...kidding.

    Just let me know what you think it's worth. I'm in Quebec Canada.