66cc barrol lining

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by datsun610, Dec 17, 2010.

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    hi wald any one know if there is a better barrol for the 66cc motors ive had starefiers skyhawks and rocksolid all have the same prob the lining in the barrol is striping is there a steel sleve we can put in tham or wald a morini barrol work or a nother topend kit that will fit the motor any help wald be grate thanks every one

  2. GearNut

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    Some folks have had great luck fitting a moped cylinder, cylinder head and carb onto an HT engine case. A moped assembly is much higher in quality. The drawback to this build is you must upgrade all the bearings in the engine in order to handle the extra power produced.
    Also it is not a direct bolt on. You will have to modify the transfer ports in the case where the cylinder and case meet, as well as make your own custom exhaust.
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    stock cylinder

    I dont start any of my engines until I inspect the ports if you look at em close the chrome plateing is not finished transition in the ports the edges are jagged and this is where the peeling starts,in other words I would suggest a dremel tool thats what i use,after porting I smooth all transitions inside the cylinder the pistons vary also(.001-.002) the bottom of the cylinder sometimes gets dinged to I always check to make sure that the piston goes thru the cylinder before I even in stall the rings.It takes a couple hours to do it right.