66cc Chinagirl now chirping like a bird!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Apachekid, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Apachekid

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    Yesterday I developed a loud chirping sound out of my HT. No matter if I run motor or not, pedalling or not. I got this noise. Hard to figure since it only stops when I stop.Took off clutch cover, I got plenty of grease on drive sprocket. Chirps whether clutch is engaged or not.I got no clue. Pedalled it on kickstand, cant tell where in **** its coming from. Anybody heard of this noise? Bike runs great, just sounds like loud bird....

  2. professor

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    My 2 cents- normally that sound is a dry bearing or parts rubbing dry.
  3. srdavo

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    Try looking under the clutch cover (right side).
    See if it 'chirps' with the cover off.
    Check for rub marks on the inside of the cover.
  4. Apachekid

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    thanks, srdavo. I'm going to look at right side now..
  5. Apachekid

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    took off right side cover. still chirping loud. cant really tell where.must be dry bearing somewhere...dont have time to tack it down now. Need to ride her to work. any more ideas where to look? I'll be back later..Thanks
  6. DaveinGR

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    Since you said it happens whether motor running or not, pedaling or not, my suspiscion would be that it is not the motor. Definately something on the bike, probably something in the rear wheel, ie. bearings or possibly breaks.
  7. srdavo

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    very possible......

    or the shaft & bearings between the sprocket & clutch.
  8. Apachekid

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    I'm taking the clutch down tonite..checking all bearings on crankshaft. really got loud today
  9. graucho

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    May sound weird.... find a hollow piece of 1/2 to 3/4" pipe between 2' to 3' long. Jack up the rear wheel so you can pedal the bike. Put one end of the pipe up to your ear, and the other end on various areas of your bike... ie: clutch, pedal sprocket, Rear axle, chain guard etc. The pipe will amplify the sound to your ear so you can pin-point where the loudest chirp is coming from. Bingo! that is where the problem area is.
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  10. Apachekid

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    Got it Graucho! I've got just the pipe, thanks. I'll let you know.....
  11. augidog

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    ok, i can't stand it. i think i may know what's going on, but no promises ok? and lucky you if this is the problem instead of a dry hub or whatever.

    as i recall, those HT tensioner wheels make the exact noise you're describing if the engine-chain's too tight.
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  12. Apachekid

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    Augie, Im going to check that out right now..but I still think that would be to easy..My luck its still a crank bearing
  13. Apachekid

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    66cc chirping

    Just got back from 8mi ride. rode fast its cold here. FINALLY my chirping noise gone...Not sure what exactly was cause,but here's some of what I did.last nite. With hollow pipe listened to both sides motor. figured chirping was real loud from left side drive spkt...took off cover, noticed some wear on inside edge of cover. filed down 2 areas...unscrewed clutch cable stop-packed grease down into hole. Then readjusted clutch cable (tightened it some). Bike now runs better-faster pickup and NO chirping noise. Possibly clutch wasn't disengaging all the way, possibly chain nicking spkt cover..I dont know That's why they call them Happy Times....Apache
  14. a/c man

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    I also had chirping noises not too long ago. Turns out the rear wheel bearings were too tight. When you spin the rear wheel it should take a while to spin to a stop. It's easier to diagnose with the chains off. Anyway try taking the wheel off and checking the bearings. Make sure they are well packed with axle grease and adjust them make sure you tighten the jam nuts to the axle cones with 2 wrenches. Usually if you ran something too tight and dry you have ground up bearings somewhere. Don't ignore the noise it it's probably eating metal on metal
  15. Apachekid

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    Rear wheel

    Check, a/c man. good idea. Its about time to take rear wheel down anyway. Im going to do it tomorrow! Thanks...........Apache
  16. AussieSteve

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    When the engine's running or even just turning over without firing, a chirping can sometimes indicate a blown head gasket or low torque on the cylinder studs.
    (Probably not in this case, by the sound of it.)
  17. mattysids

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    I've had the same problem since day 1 of having my engine

    According to reports on this site and others, it is the bearings behind the big clutch wheel making that noise.

    I've gone many hundreds of miles and it has not stopped after many applications of lubricant to the bearings and anywhere else that could chirp

    That being said, there have been no problems with the engine even though it chirps
  18. Apachekid

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    Sorry about that, Matty. I guess I got lucky an somehow got rid of it. maybe I packed grease on the right spot or adjusted clutch someway the bird didnt like.Keep fooling with it and one day itll be gone...
  19. Al.Fisherman

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    Just for thoughts...when I'm listening for a sound I can't seem to find I use a length of "RUBBER" hose and NOT a pipe. Should you have that pipe to your ear and you hit something moving, it can shove that pipe into/on to your ear...and that ain't smart. For over 45 years a hose has worked for me. Why I didn't buy one of these years ago beats me.

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  20. Apachekid

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    Yeah. Al ... a hose would definetly by a lot easier on your ear!:cool: