66cc Clutch Disengagement problem

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by EcstaticRacer, Jul 19, 2016.

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    Hi, I'm having a problem with my clutch on my 66cc motorbike. I have literally had to re-tighten the clutch cable to the clutch arm above the housing for the driver gear on the 66cc motor so many times because after riding a few times, it's as if it gets loose and now whenever I try and pull the clutch in to disengage, it does not. When I try to pedal to start the motor, it is very hard to pedal even when pulling the clutch lever in all the way. My clutch is not disengaging correctly and I'm sick of having to pull HARD and tighten the clutch cable to the clutch arm and stop nut on the motor. Is there any way to adjust the clutch? And if so, how?

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    Sure there's ways to adjust your clutch but if the cable is pulling through even with the little screw tightened down then maybe a knarp could fix that problem and you can look at clutch adjustment after.
  3. crassius

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    it could be that you have been adjusting the cable too tight and have worn off the edge of the cam at the bottom of your clutch arm where it pushes the bucking bar

    it could also be one of the motors we've seen a lot of this last month or so that have the nut loose that holds the drive sprocket - when that nut is loose, it allows the clutch shaft to move in away from the clutch arm until the arm can no longer reach it

    either of these will be obvious when you open the drive cover and look inside
  4. EcstaticRacer

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    Is there also a way to adjust to clutch by turning the star sprocket?
  5. crassius

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    yes, search the board here for steps to do cable, clutch, and check cable again
  6. EcstaticRacer

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    Ok I'll check that. But is there a way to adjust the clutch by rotating the flower nut in the motor? I tried searching for threads on this, but would turning the flower nut but clockwise loosen or press the clutch more? Thanks
  7. Frankfort MB's

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    Yes you can adjust the clutch by the flower nut

    If you tighten the nut it will tighten the clutch
    If you loosen it will loosen the clutch

    I'm thinking that clockwise is making the clutch press more (I'm a visual person. Had to pick up something round to see that:p)
  8. FurryOnTheInside

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    Play with it and see. There is not really anything counterintuitive in this. :) But be very careful not to strip the flower nut's locking screw (tiny often brass screw). The clutch only needs to separate about 2mm. The cheap/generic engines often come with the flower nut too tight.
    If you have a cheap unbranded/generic engine the you may also need to check that the clutch ring gear bearing is properly greased and moving freely. The factory grease sets and sticks (should snap free when you turn the sprocket against the resistance of the compression) but it can still sound dry and scratchy. The bearing has three grease ports (holes) in the rear which you can syringe a tiny bit of grease into. Add too much and it will fling out and ruin the clutch pads. You have to pull the whole ring gear off with your kit's puller tool to access/see the grease ports.
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