66cc Engine & a Walmart bike.... Help!

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    My push trailer seems kinda lonely in the garge by herself.....

    So... I went on Ebay and bought a 66cc kit last night for the experience of doing one myself. How the wife hates when I head out to the garage, or use my laptop!

    I want to buy an inexpensive bike from my local Walmart, but I want to make sure it will fit well.

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive Walmart bike that they know will accomodate a 66cc engine setup?

    All help very much appreciated!


  2. HI,

    I have used Wal Mart's silver colored "Roadmaster" mountain bike....Tight fit but will work with a little tweaking to the air filter cover (removing the little tubes that aim downward...use a hack saw or bench grinder (what I used)....will have to drill the down tube (since it is over sized)....or peen the tube thinner so the stock studs straddle the frame (what I did)....I think I had to file the rear engine mount a tad also....

    Good Luck!

  3. s_beaudry

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    Thank you for that answer.... $60 is a heak of a deal on that bike!

    Any Walmart or Target bikes that need no modification to the engine or bike?
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    Steve I just built a schwinn from target I think it was the jaguar 7spd. Seem to work great. The only think I have to do is use the larger bike frame mount and just drill the one hole in the front frame.
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    Thank you, and you have a PM!

    Can't find a Schwinn Jaguar, maybe goes by a different name?

    Thank you, Steve
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    It is actually listed as a schwinn cruiser bike, it is blue and gray in color. Good luck.
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    I built mine on the Jaguar from Target also. 500 miles and still goin strong. Added light and dual kickstand and dual pull brake handle. At my Target they still have the Jaguar but it is not in their online site.
  8. Toys R Us has a low priced mountain bike that should work....About $70...I haven't tried a build on it yet BUT our local Wal Mart no longer carries the bike I mentioned earlier, so I will
    be switching over soon....

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    im using the moon doggy dog
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    Although I typically will not recommend department store bikes, if you must for safety's sake get a bike that has aluminum rims, cast aluminum V-Brakes, and cast aluminum brake levers.

    Aluminum rims are stronger than the cheap steel rims.
    V-Brakes offer the best braking possible for rim brakes.
    Plastic should never be used for critical braking components.
    (I've serviced bikes where the user broke plastic levers off just pulling the brakes.)

    As always finding a used Trek, Specialized, or similar bike shop brand bike at a garage sale, thrift store, or CraigsList ad would be a much better choice.
  11. Huffy

    I'm finishing a build on a Huffy Cranbrook. Everything's going together nicely, with only minor mods, and the bike is $79 at Wal Mart. Adding a front brake from Spooky for $25. Looks cool too!
  12. Cran-Bruizer

    Make darned sure you add support to your front fender and youl have to space your rear chain tire headroom with axel washers or smaller tire .. other than that I built one for a boss/friend and it ruuuuns killer sprocket allighnment was the only installation process that took any length of time . He and many others bit it hard when thier fender vibrate loose so Im warning you now of this.
  13. JTinFL

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    My 1st build is a cranbrook.Problem I have is with shutoff valve on gas tank is against the 2 bars of frame under the main bar the tank goes on.The tank sits at an angle.They make an awsome looking cruiser.Just need to figure out the valve problem.I used a Grubee Sky Hawk GT5 66/80cc black finish on a gold colored cranbrook.
  14. got about 200 miles on my Cranbrook. I got the Fashion Cruiser from WalMart.com. Then, I tore everything off of it but the tires, handlebars and frame. Tires are coming off soon.

    I had no problem lining up the sprockets, in fact, I have a dished sprocket and I put the dished teeth IN toward the tire and it still works fine and gives me a little more room by the frame. I've added a few other pieces as well.

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    Steve, do you still have your bike with the friction drive Titan 50 ?
    No Schwinn Jags at Greenville Target either. I looked for one last night !
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  18. matti

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    I had to grind out the small bar where the fuel petcock was hitting on my cranbrook. Molded it in with body filler,painted & all is good
  19. V 35

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    I used a WalMart Huffy Cranbrook I recommend a beach cruiser over a mountain bike, more wheelbase, easier to access ' engine bay '
    I removed fenders, upgraded to worksman wheels, added calipers ft + rear,
    and a Grubee 66cc engine. Awaiting final build parts. I saw a poster's bike, and loved the Cream and Silver color scheme. Valspar Almond Beige is a good match to the Cream color , and I painted accessories to match.
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    i got 5 or 6 thousand miles on my cranbrick and i love it very much specially since it came with heavy duty spokes front and back and i also took off my fenders and added a bike rack to it now i ride and carry stuff on it and i got a 66cc and a 49cc motor i can enter change in 15 minutes either one i want on it .