66cc engine have any gear oil?

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  1. SdCruizer

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    In this photo, the red have 2 flat head screws I have no idea what they are for
    and the yellow screw

    any of these have gear oil in them I can change out?


  2. olow

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    no gear oil at all just a small amount of grease under cover


    The reds are two of the screws that hold the case halves together and the yellow looks like the nut holding on the clutch arm.
    No oil, like olow said, just grease on the gears and clutch shaft.
  4. SdCruizer

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    okay thanks
    someone told me it did but wanted to make sure

    I had taken out as much of the old grease as I could when I got it new and used green grease(brand name)
    but on the large clutch gears it turned to a dust or just flung away
    I read something about using white grease for that area even though it looked to come with red

    is that area real critical for grease because I do have white lithium grease
  5. Big Red

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    Grease & oil?

    Almost any good heavy duty bearing grease will work on the big clutch gear, but only a light coat. Too much and it just gets slung on to the clutch pads, NOT a good thing. I check, clean and regrease mine about once a month. OK, maybe every other month, I'm lazy. Also, Try to get a little, (again, a little,) grease into the small clutch bearings. You will have to remove the outer clutch plate to do this. Al Fisherman has a very good post (or thread) on how to do this. At the VERY LEAST put a drop or two of heavy oil on the clutch bearings. The Chinese guys ship the thing out DRY. Yeah, Thats stooopid, I know, but they do it.
    Shiney Side Up,
    Big Red.
    P.S. Did a search for Al's post on engine teardown, couldn't find it. Contact Al directy, I'm sure he'll be happy to help.
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