66cc HT with SBP shift kit

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by EnFlaMEd, Jun 10, 2009.

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    That's a good idea,,,the two engines. But I would think he should go faster than 37,,maybe 40.

    Your bike is nice looking too, with the Wizard style set up,,,and that Julie chick is one, petite cutie...Mmmm..a real hot little piece of,,,,, Eerrr, you know what I mean.....:grin5:
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    His goal is to cruise at 40, we are working on some carb adapters this weekend. I am building a lightweight shift-kit bike to try and be closer to keeping up :) Julie is a cutie, I noticed there was a distinct lack of bikini girls with gasbikes :) Living in Hawaii, I love bikini girls!
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    Going 40+mph now.

    With a tailwind, Hawaii Ed leaves me far behind at 46mph.

    With a headwind, I'm doing 35-36mph and Ed trails between 32-33mph.

    More "go fast" tricks in the near future for Ed and me.