66cc Jackshafted 7-speed Macargi Pantera Shifter

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    My latest completed build.

    *Click pic for 1290 wide version.



    This is a nice daily commuter build, especially if you have to deal with hills, it has everything desirable except a front shock suspension.

    Yang Dong (Skyhawk) 2-stroke with Sick Bikes 2-stroke shift kit on Macargi Pantera 7S 7-speed.

    Strong bike with full fenders and good brakes.
    `Bullet Proof` heavy duty tubes and liners.
    Back rack.
    Analog Speedometer/odometer.
    1200 Lumnen CREE T6 3-mode headlight with intense strobe.
    Keylock ignition switch to disable operation.
    2.5L 2/3rd gallon gas tank capable of 70 miles, much more if you help by pedaling.

    It has been fun to ride ;-}