66cc motor wont fire up

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  1. jmgrich

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    my name is rich and i have a problem if anyone can help me..i have the grubee star fire 66cc motor and i adjusted the needle in the carb to the top notch and it reved really high so i put it back in the starting position wich is the middle..when i tried to start my bike up again it wouldnt fire at all so i change spark plug and ignition coil but still wont fire up..could it be the magneto or did i burn the motor?? help me if u have any idea what might have happend

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    It could be any number of minor problems. First thing you should do if you suspect that there is no fire is take the spark plug out and with the cap on, set it on the engine and rotate the wheel (clutch not engaged) and look for spark.

    After that we can go on to what might be the cause of it not starting.

    Could be any one of these
    1. Carburetor
    2. Magneto
    3. CDI
    4. Kill switch.. disconnect while searching
    5. Fuel starvation.. disconnect at carburetor and check for fuel flow
    6. Compression (lack of or too low)
    7. Intake leak
    8. Bad wire connection at the magneto, CDI,
    9. Plug, boot or wire
    10. Did you isolate the white wire off the magneto?
    All are pretty easy fix.
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  3. jmgrich

    jmgrich New Member

    thanks for your tips..i just tried to get a spark by taking off the spark plug with the cap still on but still no spark..also check magneto connection and it seems to be fine
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Did you disconnect the KILL SWITCH while testing? I haven't had one go bad on me but others have.
  5. jmgrich

    jmgrich New Member

    no i didnt but i will try it right now
  6. jmgrich

    jmgrich New Member

    i just tested it with the killswitch disconnected and still no spark..im convinced that its the magneto
  7. DuctTapedGoat

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    I've heard some people have to reverse the CDI wires to get spark. Give it up for the HT QA team.