66cc norco roma

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  1. so i had posted a question about motorizing my norco roma. then my occ choppers rear frame broke while out for a ride. so now here it is. fast as hell and super light. accidently did a catwalk the other night too 11180320_10153355919911422_8762877199491781941_n.jpg

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    Cool, looks like a tight fit.
  3. nah it actually fit in there perfectly, pedals barely clear on either side but the center of gravity is real low because of the motor position. unfortunately had to migrate the gas tank to the rear carry rack because where it was sitting it was pinching my rear brake cable so every time i used the back breaks they got locked on. also only have a straight pipe on it right now because the stock muffler got in the way of the pedals and i havent had a chance to heat and bend it to fit

    11707523_10153367089546422_7909512154408260109_n.jpg 11070338_10153365395971422_432812716463014985_n.jpg
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