68 Schwinn Phantom/Whizz

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Zomby Builder, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. I have been working on this bike & can't seem to get the belts to work without SQUEELING when I pull in the clutch & rev a little. It is a new engine and the bike runs great. I was wondering if a centrifical clutch would solve my trouble????????

    Buzz left.JPG

  2. Belt squeeling

    Hi yes a cyntrifugal clutch will stop the squeeling, tho there are other ways to get rid of the noise.

    Stop squeeling, if belt is adjusted correctly? Change belts, som squeel, some don't, it is normally the front belt that squeels.

    If you want auto-clutch, email me or pvt me, and I'll give you a bit of a trade-in on the manual parts.

  3. Centrifical clutches

    Anybody that has a centrifical care to comment on the performance? Do you like it? Why did you convert it? Was it worthwhile?
  4. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I can tell you anything you want to know about belt adjustments and all versions of automatic clutches available for the Whizzer motorbike. I was envolved in the early developement of the current automatic clutch offered by Whizzer. In fact I used the latest version on my 1950 Whizzer Sportsman with the modified NE motor and pulled "wheelies" on the starting line of the dirt drags at Dawson Springs, KY. I have tested the Jerry Lane version, the 3rd Mel. version, the 2001 autoclutch, and many different versions of the current production clutch. Here is some information you might find useful, the ratios are very radical on the Whizzer 2001 automatic clutch because of the large pulleys, and resembles taking off in second gear, however it works really great with a modified NE motor. The Jerry Lane clutch becomes very unstable at high RPMs and I have witnessed several snap the mounting arm. The 3rd MEL. version has a lower ratio than the current Whizzer offering [bike has less top end speed]and requires changing all the belts and the front belt runs between the belt guard mounting posts. I have had a few small problems with the bearings and getting replacement parts with the 3rd Mel. version, and because it isn't spring loaded and mounts rigid the belts require more adjustment, and the sheeve in the rear wheel better be really centered. And now my favorite of the automatic clutches, the current production unit from Whizzer. I like the way the clutch engages, it "slides" into full lock, and allows the motor to make more torque before total lock. Another reason I like the current clutch is because it is available in 3 different versions, the 90MM, 70MM, & 50MM, and ALL parts are available [bearings , seals, mounting arms, shoes, spacers, left & right side hubs, etc]. The new clutch is also very easy to service because of its simple design. If you elect to upgrade to the automatic clutch I suggest contacting your nearest Authorized dealer, or take Mike up on his offer to do some trading, my price is $236.55 plus shipping. Make sure you purchase the latest production clutch because the unit has been put on a diet and uses an aluminum primary side hub for better throttle response. The stock ratio is 90MM [3.54"] and would use the stock belts. The 70MM version uses a drive pulley size of 2.7559" and most likely would require a shorter rear belt. Don't even consider the 50MM version unless you wanted to climb the side of a building and a have a top end of 24 MPH @ 5000 RPMs. Now back to the standard clutch for a moment, I would move the rear wheel slightly towards the rear of the bike, or move the top of the motor slightly foward and the problems with the belt squeel should vanish. Like Mike said it is usually the front belt that makes noise, meaning the rear belt is just a tad too loose. If possible you might try replacing the front with an AX27 belt for better results.
    Let me know if this information is helpful,
    Whizzer OuterBanks,

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  5. clutches

    Wow, you two are both so helpful Thanks for the advise. I dinked around with the adjustments for two hours. Finally after two trips to Napa I got it right. It was the front belt. The one I was using looked perfect but was not. It's still kind of slippy but a whole lot better. She was screamin like a little girl! I will definately keep the centrifical upgrade in mind.
  6. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    So Quenton, Which would you recomend for my mod. motor?
  7. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Rif, I am currently working with Whizzer on a few minor changes to the current automatic clutch. Thanks to some imput from Kurt M. ,Whizzer is looking at a different way to manufacture the inner bearing sleeve. All my tests concerning the automatic clutch were compiled from long rides with very little stopping, therefore the data is flawed as a complete test. It appears the bearing surface wears quicker if used in a "city" test where stopping and starting occur more often. I will keep you posted on possible changes to the automatic clutch. All of the other automatic clutches I have tested failed at higher RPMs, with various problems. One shakes so badly it breaks the mounting arm, another "sticks" after several high speed runs, and all of the Comet units have snapped off and rolled down the street. My suggestion is to wait a short period of time until I can test the soon to be released version from Whizzer.
  8. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    I finally just dug out the whizzer-I put it away after returning home from Indiana. I just didn't want to mess about with it anymore, so i took a break... And as soon as I finish the bicycle project (the frame I picked up at the Portland event) I'm currently on, we're gonna get that dirty rat rollin' like it should! So I'll just keep on with the "manual" clutch for now...
  9. Ride Rat Ride

    Cen clutch is outstanding! Thanx Q. At least for me it is. I swapped the rear wheel for a Hyd Disk hub. This changes the whole bike.... I love her NOW. Pics to come but looks a lot like the same bike. Only it really stops now. Hayes Dot4 at the shop opened but not used. Whizzer motors ROCK!!!! best $53.00 I spent lately./......
  10. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Thrilled you like the automatic clutch.
  11. Rear Hydraulic Brake

    I like the way this Stops. It's a Hayes Dot4



  12. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    very nice lookin whizz, dude !!!
    just gets better with every look/pic :D:D:D
  13. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    Thanks for sharing, I'm really diggin' this bike!!!
  14. NE Head

    I got Quenton to build me one of his infamous heads. Wow what a beauty. He set me up to run early high lift camshaft & his Q mushroom lifters and a 26 mm carb. Everything works great. I noticed a huge difference on the first ride. He really knows his motors. This things got THrawwww -- Tull !!!




  15. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Really sweet lookin' ride.
  16. NE5 upgrade

    Hi Zomby, good to see that you've upgraded your engine. For those here who do not know, typically the WC-1 Whizzer engine (1999-late 2004), which has the "gap" in the cooling fins, will usually, after getting a bit hot a time or two, lose it's grip on the Exhaust valve. Then the barrel is basicly unrepairable. The NE5 upgrade fixes that completely.

    Zomby, now that you've got a Whizzer, running strong, perhaps you can tell the rest of the group your opinion between riding a China-Fire (you guys call the "Happy Time"), and the bigger, moother, faster, more powerfull, alternator equipped Whizzer?

  17. Motor comparison

    There is no comparison between the Whizzer motor & anything else that I have tryed. I started with a Happy time - then went to pocket bike motors. The high performance pb motors are fast, but lack torque. If you have the pockets set up properly they are great if you have a rear end with gears. This Whizz engine doesn't need gears. With one speed I am confident that it will do at least 50 mph. Yeah they cost more. Ride one You'll see why.......This little motor has a Lot of torque & high end to go with it.

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  18. 4 stroke

    I will not EVER use another two stroke on a BICYCLE...........................................Signed with a Bloody instrument.

    I have a HD, & I LOVE the LOW end torque. To me this is what riding is all about. Although lately those crotch ROCKETS have an incredible appeal. In CA you can legaly split a lane with a car....GO FIGURE...

    Thats why this is such a dynamo. HUMMM.... Q you are the MAN!! DA MOTOR MAN.......DA Moto-maD - Da - Q--STER TANKS !!!!
  19. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    That machine is a real beauty, where did you get those tyres?

    Does that new head use a schnurle loop? it looks similar to the later heads for the JDL with twin exhaust ports.

    Theres alot of similarity with my old bike - apart from the engine and transmission set up of course. I am a converted fan of hub brakes - especially in the british winter... rim brakes get a lot of fade :(

    whats the performance like - and how easily are those heads gotten hold of?

    Jemma xx

    I like the mo
  20. Thanks for the comments J. I got the tires from
    It is only a single exhaust port. The pipes are customs made here in CA by Dave Miller Concepts. Quenton Guenther builds these heads & I met him here on this site. The bike runs like a bat outa ****. It weighs less than 100 lbs. I don't know how fast it is yet. I'm still babying it till 500 miles, but it should do 55 - 60 MPH or 100 KPH.
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