Sprockets 6mm vs 8mm sprocket mounting

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  1. engled

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    What is the difference between the two? Or maybe a better question is what do I measure on my current sprocket to make sure I order the correct parts?


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    I believe that refers to the diameter of the mounting bolts used on a RAG type sprocket holder.
    The older ones were six mm
    The newer ones are 8 mm.
    I would go to ACE or LOWES or any hardware store.
    With my sprocket to size the bolts.
    I have waked in with complete happytime and motorcycle engines..
    Hope this helps.
  3. engled

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    Thanks for the reply but on Dax's page http://www.thatsdax.com/ENGINE_KIT_PARTS_PAGE_2.html there are two kits listed to mount a sprocket. How do I tell them apart?

    Edit: I want to order another mounting kit to put on a spare wheel and I want it to be the same size as the one I already have.
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    The check uou will telly you.
    I removed the link as it might have a unique id from dax . Just to be safe.
    try this link it is for a 44 tooth six mm setup sprocket and rag joint .

    Who sells your kit ?
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  5. engled

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    The one we bought was from GoodFastBoy off of Ebay. The kit came with a 41, we bought a 50 from bike-engine.com (i think) that we had to re-drill. I want a 44 as well (plus another mounting kit to go on the spare wheel) but I want to make sure they are all the same.
  6. spad4me

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    If you are going to re drill just get the same sprocket and rag joint. Of any size and go to town.
    Remove one of the bolts from each bike just to make sure they are the same size/
    Take them to a hard ware store. to check the size.
  7. engled

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    I guess I'm not making my self clear.

    I only have what came with the kit plus the 50 tooth sprocket.

    The 50 tooth sprocket had the wrong bolt pattern to fit what came with the kit.

    We re drilled the 50 tooth sprocket and it fits fine.

    I don't want to re drill the next sprocket I buy.

    I have a spare rear wheel.

    I want a 44 tooth sprocket on it.

    I want all sprockets to fit all wheels.

    Dex sells two different sizes of mounting rags.

    One is 8mm the other is 6mm. http://www.thatsdax.com/ENGINE_KIT_PARTS_PAGE_2.html

    My question is, how do I tell if my current rag is 6mm or 8mm? What do I measure? The bolts? The spacing between the bolts? What?

    Thanks again, I'm new to all of this.
  8. spad4me

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    Sorry .

    Remove one bolt.
    Take it to a Hardware store.
    Measure the bolt diameter.
    ACE will usually do this for you for free.
  9. GearNut

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    I do not think he is having a problem wit the bolt diameter. He seems to be having a problem with the bolt hole pattern on the sprocket. Like a 36 spoke sprocket versus a 32 spoke sprocket.
  10. Al.Fisherman

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    A 6mm bolt/hole is as close to a 1/4" as you can get...that is the same size as both the exhaust and carb studs. A #8mm is what holds my head on and as close to a 5/16" as you can get. They are either a #6mm or a #8mm...take a 1/4" drill bit and if it fits the hole without extra room it's a #6.... otherwise its a #8mm. Does this explain well enough to tell the difference?
  11. Al.Fisherman

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    All the sprockets are a nine hole pattern (40 degrees apart), but come in either 6mm or 8mm, mounting hole size.
  12. GearNut

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    He said he had to re-drill the hole pattern.
    If they are all the same, then I am lost..........:thinking:

    Oh well. I will be quiet now and watch this thread from a distance.
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    There Was Bunch Of 5 Hole Sprockets.