6th motorbike build

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by customcruiser, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. customcruiser

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    well as u know my motorised boards engine fell off chinese **** tht was and i replaced it with a 49cc so today i put the old 32cc on a 16inch kids bmx heres the result it cruises at about 45kmh uphill it will get front and back stunt pegs in the morning but i can do power wheelies on it leaning back and throttle and balancing i ride unicycles so it may help:jester::devilish::idea::whistling:

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  2. bigkat650

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    seems a little impractical with the placement of the motor where it is... Its cool, but can you ride it sitting on the seat? Or do you have to stand on the back pegs?
  3. customcruiser

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    i ride sitting on the seat it has no pegs on yet but i just put my feet n the pedals ill be takin the pedals off and puttin a solid bar there for a foot rest
  4. customcruiser

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    plus its just a neighborhood park dirt thrasher get around ive got my big motorised bike and skate board etc
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    ahh cool... well it does look very well done, nice job :D
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    Cool. That's the smallest MB yet! :cool:
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    video of me riding it like a hoon got called tht by my dad after i almost went into a car they honked at me if u are wondering y theres a 20 inch wheel on the front and 16 on back and i have my feet sliding well my front 16 blew and had no replacment so slapped 20 inch wheel and forks on and didnt have the socket to put pegs on after i switched my good front tyre for baldy back one