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    I am in the process of bringing together a new bike. I picked up this old ex road club bike. The first issue is the cranks are to close together they clip the crank case. It is a shame because the old shimano 600 cranks and chain ring are pretty special. I am looking to mountain bike cranks. Now the dude at the bike shop thinks the 700c wheels spokes will not handle it. I think this I why I do it, its about solving the problems. I will put a 50 tooth drive on and a decent chain.
    I've stripped the bike so here is the bare bones. We are of to do the paint Photo083.jpg

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    My advice: before you get too far into this,go with a 26'wheel, mountain bike platform. You'll have a better ride, fewer flats and fewer problems to deal with.

    Turn that old bike into a fixie and ride it around town.

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    I have checked out the wheel and it seem its a custom spoked wheel with the same gauge stainless spokes as my mountain bike. I have built a very pretty bike. of which my son has commandeered it for his own use. That fine he can iron the bumps out. motor kit can wait I am moving on to another 26. Photo016.jpg Photo155.jpg
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