70cc 4 stroke rear mount?


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Sep 30, 2006
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Thatsdax has some elegant explanations, of how a 2-stroke roughly equivalates to a 4-stroke with twice the cc's.

So a 70cc between your legs is about the same as a 45cc 2cycle behind you.

There are many 40cc-45cc plus varieties, weigh about 13 pounds.

Deliver A LOT of torque.

The newest GEBE is a Tanaka 33, which I think is just as good as the 40, but quieter, lighter and EASILY carries riders over 300 pounds, UP ROUGH EDGE HILL even.

DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER TEST WED: 36 mph on the straightaway, and it WILL do more.

Current fuel container limits you to maybe a 30 mile ride between fillups, but we are working on that.

If your rider weight is less than 240 pounds, including backpack, etc. and don't live in the Alps, the 25cc will carry you fine.

btw: if anybody gets a GEBE T-33, and promises there was no ethanol put thru it nor abused on breaking it in, I'd buy them used if you wanted to go bigger or smaller, keep all the bike setup and modifications, simply swap out the engine and mount.
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