70cc Bullet Train Electric Start 1000 Watt Music System

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Charles Laypool, Sep 20, 2016.

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  3. Yea i was going to get the bluetooth one but i have a headphone bluetooth jack that i can plug into it instead of spending the extra 50 bucks for built in bluetooth
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    1. What top end is that?
    2. What is the large box on the left side of the bike? CDI?
  5. 1. Its a 70cc BT
    2. Its the junction box inside is the cdi, starter solenoid, 12v regulator
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    This would be ideal for my friend who uses a sla battery with a car radio and I think entertainment system speakers, I have to admit, they sound cool even though they are zip tied to chicken wire wrapped cage panniers..
  7. I'll bet that sounds great!
  8. Yes it doess

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    Be sure you use really big air quotes when you are saying "1000" watts in public though. :) :) :)
  10. UPDATE

    Its been quite some time now.
    My bike has about 6k-7k miles on it
    (longest lasting old style engine i had was 4k miles)
    This kit has EXCEEDED my expectations, absolutely no mechanical problems(except the low grade battery i replaced and those crapy nt carbs(always leaked)
    Only one complaint, the paint has cooked to a shaty brown color other than that i must say im very very pleased with this thing i got headlights, taillights, stobe lights, horn, 1000 watt stereo system, a car lighter port and 2 usb slots for charging all sorts of batterys and devices (im a RC guy)
    I use ALL of this and theres absolutely no power loss in my engine power.
    I recommend this kit to anyone whos interested in Motorized Bicycles
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    Now on the back of the amp where it says 50w rms sounds better lol
  12. Rms?
    Idk what you mean but it says nothing on the back of the amp.

    Theres 4 250watt speakers. These things are very loud 110db at 8ft from my bike it actually hurts my ears turned all the way up.

    I know a guy that has the same system on his harley he says he can hear it clearly doing 60mph on the hwy
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    50watts rms when you see rms its the real out put of the amp 1000w is just a peak out put and probably done with higher voltage then you got. As long as the speakers match the amp thay will sound good .250w speakers that's what thay can Handel on a good amp not what thay are drawing out of the amp .hey it looks good probably sounds good to but it's not 1000watt .that's all
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    Also be sure to use really big air quotes when you say "250" watt speakers in public too :)
  15. oh i see what you mean haha i figured it wasnt all of 1000watts because i paid $70 for it. But im happy none the less
    Haha i dont need to say anything they probly wouldnt hear me anyways:eek:
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    Bikeberry sells that kit.
  18. Yep bikeberry.com 300 bucks