70cc Kick Start!


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1:19 PM
Apr 30, 2008
Just wondering the possibilities of fabricating a kickstart for our mobikes. Could a pull start be modified into a kick start?

lol for some reason LP, when I try and kick start with the pedals my engine doesnt start...perhaps I'm doing it wrong lol. Lift back wheel, kick with clutch engaged, disengage clutch before chain stops turning?
Me too!

I've had the same idea. I want to use a pull-start 2 cycle motor and set it up so that I can kick down on a seperate pedal to start the engine. I'm not super mechanically inclined, but it seems all I would need to do is mount a pully to run the cord over and then attached the pedal to the frame. The pedal would sit in a housing that allowed it to slide up and down.

I'm sure it's been done to death - in fact, didn't old motorcycles have something like this? Anyone have any suggestions or pics?
If your bike had a center stand, kicking it would be a reality. At least after warmed.
You'll need a strong leg though, 'cause no clutch is used. Just give it some weight, and voila !


Yesterday on the way home I saw one of the Japanese Postal carriers kick start his bike. In Japan the post office has a fleet of 2 cycle motorcycles with kick start engines. I considered trying to find a motor like this, but it may move the bike into a different class of vehicle. In Japan, as long as the bike is under 50 cc you don't need a specific license to ride it and you avoid some other fees. But I have to deal with base reg's as well, so theres a 36km/hr speed cap AND the displacement. I'll work it out.:p
John - The Morini engine has a kick starter. No you can not use the pull starter to kick start, it has to turn the engine over at least three times. I thought of a way to have a gear that fits the primary sprocket it would need to have a one way clutch built in, and could be folded out of the way of the pedals, to complex. I do just lean the bike over and push the pedal through, starts easily with a good running engine. Works best with the bike pedal in a low gear, hold the bike by the seat post and push through, don't push too hard on the side stand they just bend. Have fun Dave
I kickstart my 70cc once it's warmed up. I dont have a stand or anything, I just lift the back wheel off the ground and push the pedal real hard (dont use the clutch). As long as the bike is warm it'll start easily. :)