70's Huffy Aquabug (Bike Bug)

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Hawaii_Ed, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Hawaii_Ed

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    I have not seen my good friend 5-7 Heaven in quite some time, so we stopped in at his place on the way home from the beach. It has honestly been too chilly for beach time until the past few weeks. I still don't want to ride the bike in the mornings yet, plus it has been raining. 5-7 is doing some adjusting on his setup, and I just swapped my engine for a new one, but I am sure more adventures are ahead of us soon!

    But the reason for the post in this thread is that I was suprised to see he found ANOTHER orphan motorized bike! This is a cool, vintage, barn find! It is a green huffy three speed from the 70's with a slick little bike front friction drive. Supposedly it ran last year. I am sure 5-7 will have it purring in no time! The tires/brakes are dry rot, and he is worried about the spokes. I'd just swap the tires and pads and ride that thing as-is! :cool:

    :tt1:what a cool vintage look! :tt1: Of course, 5-7 is sorta a 'vintage' rider! :whistling::whistling::jester:
    It is a pretty graceful setup. I wonder why they don;t make friction drive like this today?

    I also spotted his cool Whizzer in the corner!

    I won't disclose what 5-7 paid for the Huffy, that is up to him, but I wish I had found it! I was relaxing at the beach while he was bargain hunting!

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Hey Ed, thanks for stopping by.

    I found "BB Huffy" last night on craigslist and emailed the owner.They called me this morning and said there were a lot of emails for the bike. First come first served. Within 30 minutes I was at his place and the 1976 3-speed bike was mine for $35! Owner purchased it last year for $75, puttered around some, then it sat for 7 months. They had a garage sale yesterday; BB Huffy didn't sell because its Bike Bug engine wouldn't start.

    There's rust and the paint is peeling. The 34-year-old powerplant looks great Hey, it's a classic with an engine and California license decals and stickers!

    After Ed and his family left, I removed both wheels, the worn friction roller and brakepads. BB Huffy should be rolling this week; Bike Bug engine parts and literature to be ordered from Mike Schneider, aka msamigo at Bikebug.net.

    Wish me luck!
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  3. Esteban

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    Those are good little motors !! Not fast, just good !!
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Parts are on order and the wheels are in the shop.

    Please help me resist the temptation to install a second engine.:devilish:
  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    That is "patina" not rust LOL! Keep it as a collector ride :) You don't need to go that fast on a bike that old anyway! :D

    It had no spark? I'd guess messed up fuel system.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    In Hawaii, patina occurs in a week. Then you get rust flakes, lol.

    Ed, I didn't even check for spark or pull the new plug. Compression seems pretty good when I was turning the friction roller.

    There is no pullstart or clutch, just kickstart and a lever mechanism to engage/disengage roller from tire. I would either have to do the electric drill special to crank it up or bumpstart the bike.

    I'm waiting for the manual to arrive before working on this Bike Bug engine.
  7. Hawaii_Ed

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    just set the spark plug on top and give it a pedal. :) with the plug out it'll turn over easy :)
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Thanks Ed. I'll do that before tearing into the engine.
  9. Esteban

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    I woudn't do anything but try to get it running, first. Those little engines are not HT & are tough !!
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    I know, Estaban. Like Hawaii Ed stated, we'll just troubleshoot why it didn't start for the previous owner, fix that, then change the worn roller. The parts needed to start the Bike Bug engine should be here soon.
  11. chefdouglas

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    Just an idea put a HT motor on it and have all wheel drive.Good find.
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Not an HT, but I have spare Mitsubishi engines and rear drives on hand. And a used Tanaka 47R engine, soon to arrive.

    FWIW, I already own a dual-engined monster. There is NOTHING like the low-to-midrange power of twin engines.:detective:
  13. chefdouglas

    chefdouglas Member

    PLEASE post a photo of an all wheel drive and any info on how you got them to work together.
  14. seanhan

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    A 47r !!!!!

    Man thats no fair I want one !!!!
  15. stude13

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    bb's are cool. i have one of those and 47r for sale.
  16. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Each engine ran independently with its own throttle. They also had their underbelly tanks and shared a centralized secondary Happy Time fuel tank.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I had some idle time, so I removed the Bike Bug engine and partially disassembled it to clean it and get ready for the new parts arriving soon. Compression test with digital gauge(finger) seemed okay. Plug is almost new, roller was very well worn, grease and grime under the block signified a seasoned engine.

    :detective:It's a good thing I decided to check the bottom bracket. Thankfully, the pedal and retaining nut and washer unscrewed easily after 34 years. The bearings were completely dry with not a speck of grease in there. In fact, the old grease around the bearings had dried up into a very thin layer. I scraped the flakes off with my fingernail, cleaned and lubed everything.

    New brake cables and pads set me back less than $12.00:detective:
  18. Hawaii_Ed

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    There are more vids online, it did pretty well off road too!

  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Thanks for the shot, Ed.

    Ed and I carried this 100 lb.+ bike up a narrow cliffside and through miles of sand to get from the North Shore to the Leeward coast.:sweatdrop:
  20. Hawaii_Ed

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    It motored smooth until we hit the loose sand! But it was a "no motors" nature preserve, or I would have tried! LOL!