70's Indian tribute

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  1. Derekian

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    Here is my first build. I started with a Micargi Stealth & added as many vintage parts as I could. The tank is a 70's Indian MX, rearview '43 Indian, Triumph headlamp, custom rear taillight from a '57 Chevy shortbed, vintage 50's Presto fire extinguisher, 1960 NJ Black plate, 70's camera/saddle bag, Brooks saddle, Indian petcock w/custom fuel lines, etc.

    I've worked out all the kinks and have her running real nice....can't wait to begin building my next bike which is going on a Worksman frame, stretched, the whole nine....enjoy!

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  2. srdavo

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    That's REALLY nice. I Like it!!!

    Welcome to MBc :D
  3. ddesens

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    SHe's a beauty for sure!
  4. Derekian

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    Thanks guys, really enjoying this site!
  5. fanatic

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    That bike is really nice. I think the orange rims make it.