70's Indian Tribute

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  1. Derekian

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    Greetings from Monrovia, CA...hope you all enjoy these pics of my first build that I completed last summer.

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  2. shawnshank

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    Sick looking. I like it. How much does it weigh (looks solid) and what is your top speed?

  3. GasX

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    Looks great - what is the frame from and where did you find the gas tank?
  4. Derekian

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    Thanks for the nice feedback. I'm not sure about the weight, but I have been careful not to add anything else to the bike because it is a bit heavy. I'd say my top speed is around 30, but I have been able to tune the motor to accelerate from a push-off as opposed to a pedal start, which really comes in handy at stop signs. The tank & petcock are from a 1974 Indian MX dirt bike. If you do an ebay search for "Indian tank", one or two of these will usually be listed. I got mine for $60, but spent another $300 having it restored professionally, which is well worth it considering it is the centerpiece of the build. I would recommend taking any old gas tank first to the body shop for sandblasting to ensure the metal is still good. Then to any radiator shop to get the inside coated with airplane gas tank rubber sealant. Then back to the body shop for body work, sanding & paint.
    The frame is a Micargi Stealth, and the fat upper tubing holds the old Indian tanks nice and snug. I'm 6'1, and the frame is still comfortable without being stretched, and has a nice drop loop sorta design.
    Hope this helps!
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